Women’s History Month Special: Female Tech Talk Collective I CODESMITH

In celebration of Women’s History Month, join the Codesmith community for this special event as three Codesmith Engineering Fellows take us on an introductory dive into Features of React, Streaming Protocols, and Data Modeling!

Learning about the larger software engineering world is important to building a well-rounded perspective on the ever-changing tech landscape that our community works in. During this Tech Talk Collective, you will get a special sneak-peek into the types of opportunities you will have to build your repertoire of coding skills during the Software Engineering Immersive.

Learn how Codesmith supports members of the women and non-binary community in tech: https://www.codesmith.io/women-in-tech

Meet the Speakers:

Jae Hyun Ha
Fellow, Codesmith NY Software Engineering Immersive Program
Jae Hyun is an Engineering Fellow for the Full-Time New York Software Engineering Immersive. Before joining Codesmith, Jae Hyun graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Art History from Amherst College, and worked as a laboratory assistant at a fertility clinic as well as a creative strategist at a digital marketing agency. She was drawn to software engineering because it combines her interests in both analytical and creative thinking. At Codesmith, her day-to-day responsibilities include leading approach lectures, conducting code reviews, and providing technical mentorship for residents. She plans on working as a Fullstack Engineer upon completing her fellowship. For fun, she enjoys reading about Buddhism, biking around New York, and collecting novelty socks.

Genevieve Annable
Fellow, Codesmith LA Software Engineering Immersive Program
Genevieve is an Engineering Fellow for the Full-Time Los Angeles Software Engineering Immersive. Some of her regular tasks include diagraming solutions for Hack Hours (an hour every morning dedicated to sharpening your algorithm skills), leading approach lectures, reviewing code, and mentoring residents at Codesmith. After graduating from University of California, Santa Barbara with a BS in Chemical Engineering, Genevieve did a 180 and worked as a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor for the last 5 years, but has now pivoted back into the STEM field in 2021, starting with her attending Codesmith. After completing the fellowship, she plans on working remotely from her home office in Santa Barbara for a big tech company as a Fullstack Engineer.

Shanon Lee
Fellow, Codesmith Full Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive Program
Shanon is an Engineering Fellow for the Full-Time Remote Software Engineering Immersive, and is based in Boston, MA. Coming from a non-technical background, Shanon grew up on the West Coast in Portland, OR and graduated from college with a degree in Biology before shifting into the Software Engineering space. Their favorite part about Codesmith is the community — they love the work they do, and find it very fulfilling.

This video is a recording of a live event. To follow along live and participate in an upcoming workshops and events, RSVP at https://www.codesmith.io/coding-events.

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