Will ChatGPT replace Programmers

Will the new OpenAI ChatGPT replace programmers due to its mind blowing coding skills? Am I now redundant? What exactly can and can’t Chat GPT do and what kind of code does it produce verses no code tools? In this video I explore what that looks like, and if ChatGPT will replace me.

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Will chatgpt take away your job or will It replace you altogether are you now Redundant because chat gbt basically can Perform the same work that you used to In this video I wanted to take a look at Us programmers and developers and coders Who essentially are worried that chat Gbt will take away our jobs from that We’re going to take a look at exactly What it does what it doesn’t do how we Can work with chat GPT in our day-to-day Jobs as well as how it might replace Some of the things we actually do I’ve Got Chad GPT open just here on the left Hand side the very first thing that I Wanted to take a look at is just how it Works in terms of making websites if we Were to ask it to create a website or Even a template for a section what would That look like as opposed to me myself Doing it manually in that regard I’m Going to ask her to create as a footer For a website And I want it To include I suppose a logo uh a menu uh Copyright and a small Um I suppose A few links for social media now this is Pretty standard for what we would expect As part of a footer the problem here is That I’m pretty sure chat GPT does not Take into considerate design yes it Might be able to pull in things like a Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS but in terms

Of crafting that design making it Aesthetically pleasing well you just Probably won’t get any of that instead You’ll get some raw code that basically Completes the task without any of that Other Nuance so I’m going to actually Try this out I’m going to copy paste This into a browser to see what it looks Like and then instead I’m gonna jump Into maybe another tool like editor X And see some of the predefined Footers That I’ve made in the past to see see What that looks like in terms of the Differences in design here’s vs code I’m Going to create a new file called Index.html in here we’re going to go Back to the website and we’re going to Simply copy paste this code over into vs Code and then I’m going to select to go Live and see what that looks like in a Browser so here is our footer now as you Can see it’s got a placeholder here for A company logo it’s got our menu and It’s got a copyright but realistically This doesn’t really look like anything I Believe there’s some styling that’s Meant to happen here because there are Classes but as you can see none of that Styling carries across I suppose you Could always ask chat GPT can you please Also add some CSS to make this look good And then I guess if we’re lucky we might Get some styling now let’s see what it Comes up with so it’s creating here a

Footer but it’s not using the class Actually it’s using the class here photo Dash container so what I’m going to do Is while that’s running in the Background I’m going to jump back into Here I’m going to create some styling so I’m going to pass in the tag here Style And I’m going to see if the styling Actually looks any good and creates a Better looking footer for us once that’s Done anyway now the other thing to note Here is that there’s no colors or Designs this is just using grayscale I Believe so what I’m going to do as part Of this as well is decide just what Colors I want to use for a design like This and that in itself is something of I suppose a design job but here we have A slightly better footer I’m not too Sure yet about this design but I guess It has the beginnings of what you would Expect in terms of creating a footer but If I was to really ask could this Replace me that would still be a no now I’m gonna try and create my own footer And I’m gonna see if I can make a better One than chat GPT and how long that Takes me of course I’m going to take the Simple path I’m not going to code the Whole thing out and design it instead I’m going to jump into editor X which is A no coding platform these are becoming More in and more popular these days and Yet they still haven’t technically

Replaced us developers here I’m going to Select to do quick add I’m going to Scroll down to compositions and all the Way down here to Footers and here I have A few footer examples I can select any One of these and for example I can Select say this one over here and this One comes with the logo for a business The business name the menu which I Currently only have the home the Social Links and address and phone number as Well as the copyright and it’s all Designed in a black aesthetic which I Could probably change easily if I wanted To it’s probably all responsive too Which I believe it is so if I had to ask You which footer design you prefer I Think the answer here is quite obvious Of course both of these I didn’t Technically code and yet both of them Have produced slightly different results However this doesn’t begin to show the Strengths of chat GPT it’s extremely Powerful as a language model to create Content for you for website rather than The website itself so this means that I Could for example fill out the sections Of a website for a client and not create The design and its Aesthetics such as The UI and the ux I don’t think there is A UI or ux part of chat GPT quite yet But there might be in the future that’s Something I’d be looking forward towards So here I’m going to add one more

Section I’m going to head over here to Say compositions I’ll go to features and I’ll pull in maybe something like this Over here which is a bit of a design Highlight for a feature but this filler Text here doesn’t make any sense and I Don’t really know yet what I would Normally put in normally people would Put in lorem ipsum and there’s even a Generators for that but this time I’m Going to ask chatgpt fill out the Feature of a website better than a Lauren ipsum statement about I suppose Car repairs for its feature section and Here you’ll get to see the strength of Chat GPT no longer will you have to Generate content yourself or require a Content writer to do that even if you’re Waiting for a client to give you that Content chat GPT should be able to fill Out most of it for you these days you Could even charge for services like These and even make some money I think What some people do like about chat GPT Is how creative it can be when you’re Asking it to code something and create Something that you might not be able to Figure out from the top of your head and You’d have to say Google it check stack Overflow and other sites whereas if you Ask chat jbt you could probably figure That out for you straight away let’s Have a look at an example of that so Here I want to for example fade in the

Footer section of a website Uh maybe three seconds After it loads then five seconds Later have it I suppose disappear It’s not something I would normally do But this is just more like an example of How it could solve a problem for you I’ve seen examples on Tick Tock and Other places where people have created Maybe like a 3D game but it’s a very Basic one using things like this so here It’s actually telling me step by step How I can complete this function so the Step one would be unload we have a Timeout of three seconds where we would Have the fade go in then on five seconds We would have it fade out then we’ve got The lookup here but this is using JavaScript and jQuery for a fade in Function and a Fade Out function and Here we’re combining it all together by Pulling in that JavaScript code so Realistically we should be able to put All of this together and see if it works Previously you had this website design Over here so what I’m gonna do is head Up to this window on load code we’re Going to go into vs code and maybe here At the bottom of this scripting area I’m Gonna plug it all in it’ll have to be Inside of a script tag because otherwise Well it won’t run it is a little JavaScript code at the end of the day so

Here the script will be unload uh we’ll Also copy paste the next function here So set timeout we’re going to plug this Guy in I suppose afterwards or we could Actually plug it in here because then It’d be three seconds it’ll fade in and Then five seconds it’ll fade out and Then finally you will just plug in these Two fade in and Fade Out options so Let’s jump back into vs code once more Here we’re doing the fade in and then Afterwards we’re gonna do the fade out I Think the only other part that is Required here is making sure that we Actually pull in jQuery because Otherwise it won’t know how to do any of Those fades Right I think that’s about it now with That all in there and I think I’ve Spelled script incorrectly let’s fix That up we should be able to run this But it also has an ID and there is no ID Here so let’s call that footer that Should reference it properly hit save Let’s do a go live here on live server And there there’s one thing I did forget I forgot to hide it I think So let’s see if this works it did work It faded in and then faded out and as You can see it’s gone but uh one thing That I didn’t have here is the styling So here I should have something like Style and then for style I should have Display none so this will just make it

Well invisible essentially so now if I Was to refresh it we’ll wait one two Three seconds there it’s faded in four Five and then should disappear now Perfect the next real question you’ll Have to ask yourself is how useful it is To try and manually get chat GPT to do These animations for you and you could Write them out yourself or for example When there are no coding tools that kind Of do this behavior for you as well I’m Going to jump back into editor X and I’m Just going to select this entire footer Section now we’ve got a number of Different effects here we can do I’m Actually gonna do the one here on this Feature section I’m going to select Animations and I’m going to do fade in Just like we had before now when I Select preview we wait half a second and The section fades in we’ve done the same Thing that we practically did with chat GPT but in less time and it’s easier too So the real question I think is whether Chat GPT is replacing us or if no coding Tools are replacing us there’s of course A lot more Nuance to this whole question And the entire equation of what it’ll Look like to do web development as well As web designing in the future but I Think chat GPT does have some usefulness In terms of generating content I think No coding tools make it easier to create Landing pages and what’s more and

They’ll still always be options there For developers to create a website Applications with a lot more Functionality than just what you would Get with General designs but I hope you Found this video quite useful to let you See the differences between all of them If you want more videos like this let me Know in the comments below otherwise I’ll see you in the next one thank you Wait Don’t forget To like And subscribe

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