Will AI Replace Copywriters? – ChatGPT

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AI is getting better and better, but how good is it really? Dan gives his opinion on AI in this video.

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0:00 The test
3:09 Dan’s opinion
3:34 Less repetitive test
4:04 How to do test
4:30 Dan’s final verdict

Now could AI write better copy than Copywriters I have been a copywriter for More than 20 years now I’m skeptical so Let’s see I’m gonna ask the AI to write me a post About high ticket closing let’s see what Comes up Wow that is very very fast actually but Does it actually make any sense let’s See well let’s take a look a high ticket Close is the process of selling a high Priced product service to a customer not Bad this type of sale can be challenging Because the price point is typically Much higher than the average sale I Think that it’s okay it’s not super Great so the customer may need more Convincing to make the purchase accurate Now this could be an add-on it could be A social media post it could even be an Email but I’m surprised by how quick The AI rights however with the right Approach and techniques high-tech Closing can be a very effective and Lucrative way to grow your business okay One key to successful High ticket Closing is building trust and rapport With the customer this means taking the Time to understand their needs and Concerns very true and addressing them In a personalized and professional Manner also accurate building trust also Involves demonstrating your expertise And knowledge about the product service

And showing why it’s worth the Investment so far so good it’s actually Not bad another important factor in high Ticket closing is addressing objections And concerns it seems a little bit Repetitive it’s kind of like saying the Same thing again Customers may have reservations about The price the value or the fit of the Product or service it is important to Listen to these objections and address Them directly providing clear and Compelling reasons why the product Service is worth investment see I think This part and this part the AI just a Little bit repetitive it could be more Concise and shorter and not be so Redundant This can involve highlighting the Benefits and features of the product or Service comparing it to the other Options or offering special promotions Or discounts May or may not be true because when You’re selling High ticket usually you Don’t offer discounts let’s see finally Successful High ticket closing often Involves a sense of urgency that means Creating a sense that the customer needs To act now in order to take advantage of A limited time offer or special Opportunity oh okay I see the pattern Here right it’s kind of from here to Here is a little bit repetitive and then

Here’s repeating the same thing again Just in a slightly different way this Can be achieved through limited time Discounts special promotions or other Incentives that encourage the customers To make a decision quickly overall High Ticket closing is a challenging but Rewarding process same thing what the AI Said here in the beginning but by Building Trust Addressing objections and creating a Sense of urgency you can effectively Sell high priced products and services And grow your business I would give it like a 6 out of ten I Think it may be a good way even for Copywriters you want to get some ideas Or you want to just get a jump start of Whatever you’re writing on it could be a An ad it could be an email could be a Sales page there’s some chunks in there I think we could use again a little bit Redundant in certain parts But this is pretty damn cool so overall This is not bad I’m gonna do one more Thing before we go I’m gonna Tell the AI to actually make it a little Bit less repetitive See if they can actually do that I think it’s still repetitive I think it’s still repetitive I’m just Gonna try this what is instead of what Is How to do high ticket closing

Let’s say Let’s see if the AI actually knows How do you actually do it maybe you’ll Pull content from my content who knows Yeah I see well but at least Is kind of taking the same content Building trust addressing objections Creating a sense of urgency closer sale But I am impressed that it actually Takes it and turn it into kind of kind Of in bullets right one two three four Five and then address kind of give you The structure and steps and then adding The follow-up this is new right this is New Pretty impressive now so far this is Pretty good would it help you as a Copywriter I think to a degree would it Help you as a business owner yes but AI Doesn’t understand the Deep psychology Of why people buy using words is only a Part of the formula if you want to learn More about this the Deep psychology of Why people buy and how do you craft Words maybe using an AI to help you to Speed up and shortcut the learning curve And just save you time but you still Need to understand the fundamentals go To Www.danlockshop.com check out our Copywriting collection that will give You a jumpstart combine it with AI Before you know it you will be crafting

Kick-Ass copy in no time

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