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6 Smart Tips to Enhance Security on Your Magento Website

This article is going to focus on some cool and smart tips to enhance the security on your Magento store. Undoubtedly, Magento is one of the best web development platforms that is trending in today’s technologically progressive era.

5 Newest PHP Development Trends Intended For Advanced Modern-Day Websites

The article aims at unravelling the latest trends in PHP programming that are dominating the development of new generation websites. Websites and web applications are becoming indispensable and deep-rooted requirements in our lives.

5 Ways to Refine the Online Shopping Experience of Buyers in Magento Sites

The key idea behind this article is to explain some of the prominent tricks and strategies to enrich the experience of shoppers when they seek to buy things from a Magento-powered store. Buying things over online is no more a trend now but an absolute necessity for people from every age group and class.

Will Robots Take Over Jobs?

Workers in the computer field, and related industries, are beginning to wonder if their jobs will be replaced by robots. This is a valid concern, but we must consider the big picture before drawing premature conclusions. We are already witnessing an increase in robotic production in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and health care. The existing profile is one of collaboration where humans and robots work along side each other for the greater good. Further, the ratio of robots to humans in the job market is extremely low as machines have only been programmed to perform limited functions at this point. It is vital to remember human capacity in the workplace can not be replicated in its purest form. Employees would be wise to diversify their skills and continue to work at being the best person possible. Global corporations are craving “soft skills” or those abilities which makes us uniquely human. Robots in the workplace will continue to grow… but not at the expense of sharp competent human employees.

6 Benefits of Using Drupal As A CMS For Your Website

A content management system (CMS) will make it easier for you to create, publish, edit, and manage website content using a graphical user interface. Based on your requirements, you have option to choose from an array of open source content management systems – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and Blogger – according to your precise needs. The usage statistics posted on various website depict WordPress currently has a larger market share than other content management systems. But you must not pick a CMS only based on its popularity or market share.

5 Clear-Cut Ways To Make Magento Websites Load With Striking Speed

This article pinpoints the surefire ways to step-up the speed of Magento powered websites when it’s inevitable that loading speed is a crucial aspect that matters for impeccable user experience. Intensifying the speed of websites is the greatest challenge known to eCommerce owners owing to its significance in driving conversions and search engine rankings.

Top 7 Software Testing Myths

Nowadays, the user experience delivered by a software application determines its popularity and profitability. The user experience delivered by an application depends on its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, and security across various devices and platforms. Hence, it becomes essential for enterprises to focus on the quality and user experience of their applications throughout the software development lifecycle.

Why Is Python a Preferred Language for Startups?

Python is a programming language that offers multiple benefits, especially to startups. Read on to get a glimpse of why Python is preferred so much by startups.

How AWS CodeStar Is Helping Java Developers

At present, programmers use Java programming language for building a variety of software – desktop GUI applications, websites, web applications and Android mobile apps. But the Java programmers need robust development tools to meet the emerging software trends efficiently. These tools and frameworks also help programmers to simplify and speed up Java application development. Many programmers nowadays look for innovative tools to develop, test, and deploy Java applications in the cloud.

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing A Great Mobile Website

The number of users accessing websites and web applications on their mobile devices has been increasing steadily. Likewise, popular search engines like Google also use mobile friendliness as a key metric to rank websites. Hence, enterprises nowadays focus on enhancing the mobile user experience of their websites. They even require developers to build mobile websites that keep visitors engaged and convert them into customers. The developers can make a website mobile-friendly in a number of ways. They can further accelerate mobile website development by implementing several techniques and best practices. However, it is also important for developers to avoid a number of mistakes to make the website deliver optimal mobile user experience.

Hadoop As The Best Technology For Data Handling

Hadoop is one among the most progressing technological fields in the present day. Just like the changes in the trends of the world, many changes have also been made in the different fields of technologies.

How To Code A Ruby on Rails Web Application

Ruby on Rails allows you to create web based applications (applications that run on a server). With such companies as Twitter, Groupon and Uber having used Ruby on Rails in the past, the effectiveness of the framework has attracted a substantive community, now estimated at nearly 1m developers world-wide. Whilst powerful, it can be a daunting proposition to get started.

How To Develop An RTS Game – Brief Guide

Anyone who doesn’t remember the Red Alert or Age of Empires series of games really needs to check them out – truly magnificent. These, in case you don’t know, are two of the best examples of the “RTS” genre of games that represented the late 90’s. I remember I played AOE for hours with my brother, such was its quality. As such, if you’re an aspiring developer, it pays to know how these masterpieces worked. This is what I want to explain in this tutorial.

Golang for Business – Language for Business Intelligence

With a plethora of programming technologies used today, Google’s Golang for business sets out to be trendy, popular and interesting as described by majority of companies using Golang or Software Developers today.But a question still remains, “Is Golang/Go really an eligible contender having applicability for various software development practices for various platforms and solutions?”

Basics of Developing a Native Application

There are many varieties in smartphones. Even requirements from any application of any platform differ from business to business. Our present article is about Native mobile app development. Here we will be describing you about it. We will also brief out the procedure for creating a native app and some basic points to keep in mind.

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