What is Javascript? – Javascript – Step 115-116 – The Complete Web Developer in 2021: ZTM

Android Application Development Solutions – Where Did It All Start?

Over the last 10 years or so there has been a continuous debate about who rules the roost in the smart phone world, is it iOS or Android? However these days’ technological advances have proven that it’s actually a very fine line between the two!

Web Application Development Tools – What You Need To Create Your First App

Do you want to create a web app, but you don’t have the knowledge to build it or the money or desire to hire a team? It’s not that hard to build one. In this article we discuss the various tools you’ll need.

Preventing Voter Fraud In Future Mobile And Online Voting Apps

In the future there will be online and mobile voting apps and this will be the way all ballots are cast. Of course, until then, there will need to be duplicate systems so that people can still do it the old way – mail-in or going to an actual polling place. Still during that interim, we must make sure that people do not vote twice or multiple times. We have to watch out also for hacking and other types of voter fraud. Obviously, during this last 2016 Presidential Election there was talk of all sorts of improprieties and voting anomalies. Some conspiracy driven, some factual, and yes, some illegal aliens voted, some dead people cast their ballots and many voted multiple times, and who knows maybe there was some backroom computer fraud going on for one candidate or another in some polling places around the nation.

ReactJS Vs AngularJS – Which One to Pick?

ReactJS and AngularJS are both extremely popular frameworks used by any mobile app development company. Both are great in their own ways and have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what developers are looking for. Lets analyse features of both major cutting edge players and you can decide which one to pick.

When to Choose Hybrid Platforms for Your App Development

How to decide whether hybrid app development will suit your project or native? What are cross platform apps? Which are the popular cross platform development tools? The article attempts to answer all the above questions and provide useful insights to anyone who is looking for mobile app development.

Design Tips for Successful Mobile Apps

Having a mobile app is useful for business but offering a flawless-designed app is imperative. However, for successful mobile app development, you need a better design for the app.

Top Seven Free Resources to Learn Swift Programming

The article gives an overview of the latest programming language Swift launched by Apple. It talks about the general utility of the language and the 7 resources from where you can learn this language.

Tips for Setting Up a Design Team When Creating a New Software Program

Many a time development of software programs will fail because of non-integrated, non-committed and non-productive teams. Therefore, it is necessary for the organization to have plans ready to build good design teams before any disaster strikes. How can that be done? Look inside for tips.

Web Design Trends for 2017

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Use of Animation in Uplifting of Mobile App UI/UX Design

Some of the important highlights of animation include – better engagement, interaction, intuitive in nature, more interesting, and striking. When your application has small or large number of animation elements, your app can explain more interesting things with great ease.

Shifting From IOS Background to Android App Development

Our lifestyle, work and activities have taken a strong turn with the introduction of various technologies. The entry of smart phones in our lives has made us lean completely towards technology.

How To Start A Mobile App Development Business With Little Investment

The charm of owning a mobile application development business has drawn several developers away from their regular jobs. However, making a jump from an employee to a business owner is not an easy thing. Building your firm requires a lot of brain-work and if you set everything right, you will going to have fruitful results.

The Artistic Way of Programming

12 years back, when I started my formal classes in computer science, the first thing I learnt was “data” means “information”. A few days after that, we started conventional programming, where code and data were treated separately. For example, only data can be passed as the functional arguments.

All You Need to Know About Secure Dot NET Application Development

With the increase in the internet usage and the number of web applications, various security threats have also multiplied. The number of attacks on various web based applications has increased rapidly during the past decade.

Impact of Mobile App Development on Education

The kids today are extremely techno-savvy and they have an inbuilt grip to absorb things on mobile – be it a game or be it learning various operations without someone teaching them! They get more engaged to things that are taught digitally through an app rather than learning with the obsolete blackboard-pen method.

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