What Is Javascript? History and Info On What It’s Good For

Woocommerce – The Right Solution for the Start Ups

WooCommerce by WooThemes is a trendy free WordPress Plugin that is used to assemble feature-rich eCommerce websites. You can sell your products or services online by building an online store using WooCommerce. Customized themes can help you build an attractive and engaging website.

10 Top Tools For Java Application Developers

At present, Java is more popular than other programming language. It is also a programming language which is used widely by developers for building desktop GUI application, web applications, web services and mobile apps. But the developers still need robust frameworks, IDEs and development tools to write the applications in Java rapidly and efficiently. Each developer also has option to choose from many Java frameworks, IDEs, and development tools according to his specific needs.

Top 5 Qualities of a Good WordPress Developer

WordPress can give you a reliable platform to build your brand image. What are the qualities of a good WordPress developer who could to turn your dreams into reality?

Which Are Some Of The Most Popular Back End Frameworks?

Nowadays, the user experience delivered by an application determines its popularity and profitability in the longer run. Hence, it becomes essential for developers to focus on both front-end and back-end of the application. Normally, the users can see, touch and experience the front-end or user interface of the application directly.

Using NodeJS and JSON in Mobile App Development

Mobile Application development has skyrocketed in the last five years with the mass uptake of smart phones. Front end developers, who have traditionally used HTML5, CSS and Javascript to develop web applications can use technologies like React Native in order to create native applications in Android and iOS. Using JSON and NodeJS assists in being able to create data intense applications for mobile use due to the flexibility and adaptability of this technology. JavaScript based libraries and frameworks are becoming increasingly popular and more powerful, bringing mobile application development into an exciting field.

Using AngularJS to Create Awesome Web Applications

AngularJS is a highly flexible framework for building interactive web applications and makes development of interactive web pages more efficient in coding and far more dynamic. Using AngularJS allows for far more diverse types of web documents by utilising JavaScript to extend the functionality of HTML and CSS.

Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Need Consciousness Or Mindfulness To Be Creative

Most folks still believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never surpass human creativity, but those views are fairly species-centric and full of poor thinking. Sorry to offend you but we have AI today already that can do original painting, music, and are on the cusp of coming up with entirely new concepts – using much the same technique as humans – borrowing a little bit from many categories and synthesizing that information to come up unique insight. Let’s talk, I’d like to take this conversation to a higher level if you will permit me, if not click out and go read about some celebrity’s Tweet of the Day.

10 Important Points to Consider to Launch Your First Ecommerce Website

A number of studies have shown that a large percentage of modern users prefer mobile commerce apps to ecommerce websites. Hence, your ecommerce website must deliver optimal user experience to beat competition and mobile commerce. You have to consider several factors to make the web store keep visitors engaged and seduce them to buy the products/services. In addition focusing the look, feel, features, and functionality of the website, you also need to explore ways to optimize its user experience. To optimize the user experience delivered by the website, you need to enhance its accessibility, usability, security, credibility and search engine visibility.

Impact of Mobile Apps in Transforming the Travel Industry

This article puts an emphasis on the growing importance of mobile apps in the Travel and Tourism industry across the globe. Businesses of this mobile-driven world are making great efforts to make use of the great scope of boosting their ROI by having a mobile app. Ranging from fashion, entertainment, textiles to travel and tourism, almost every industry is making their business mobile-centric while considering the rapidly increasing mobile audience.

ASP Dot NET Single Sign On – ComponentPro

The digital world is transforming fast. Gone is the day when we used to maintain multiple user accounts for different types of products or platform, even if the service is provided by a single server. We literally had to create different types of passwords and conjure up usernames to gain access to different websites. Even if we manage to perform the task, then we had the most difficult task of memorizing each of them so that they don’t get jumbled up in our mind. But the recent flurry of increasing website activities requiring authentication has seen the development of SSO or single sign on. You can same set of authentication to gain access to multiple websites, that too without typing it out in most of the case. It has been a great development that saves us the hassles of signing in to every website we visit.

3 Most Productive Ways of Promoting Your iPhone Application

This article puts an emphasis on the most effective marketing techniques to promote an iPhone app seamlessly. The key aim of a business behind building an iPhone app is to generate revenue out of it. Adhering this fact, building it successfully is just half the way to succeed since it requires the right marketing strategy as well to make its presence felt at the right place.

4 Major Questions to Ask While Interviewing a Magento Developer

This article aims at highlighting the set of key questions to ask a Magento developer before partnering with him for developing an eCommerce website. The key to success of your online store lies on how efficiently you can build it. User-friendliness, functionality, SEO-friendliness and a number of other factors are responsible for the success of your online website.

What Do We Need To Know About IT Insourcing?

A number of studies highlighted a gradual increase in the number of enterprises switching from IT outsourcing to IT insourcing. Many large companies have already started terminating their IT outsourcing contracts, and bringing specific IT operations back in-house. In simple words, IT insourcing can be defined as the business practices of performing certain IT functions by deploying in-house staff and resources, instead of delegating the functions to an outside company. Also, the business practice differs from IT outsourcing in the category of cost, resources, control over processes, and location of the IT operations.

The Ultimate Guide on Kubernetes and Cloud Containers

This article highlights features of Kubernetes technology – a container based platform for developer community. One gets to know why Kubernetes technology is a great assist for developers.

Market Trends of Mobile Applications

By Considering the trend of rapid development of the software market, we can say with confidence that the development of mobile apps claim to a great future because today this segment is the subject of a broad discussion. Today, smart phones and electronic tablets have become an integral part of everyday life.

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