What are Callback Functions? – Synchronous & Asynchronous

I Do Not Have Any Programming Abilities

As far as programming languages go, PHP language is a newcomer. Because PHP only made its debut in the nineties, it is a virtual language newcomer.

CRM ERP Software Leads the Way

Instead of selling just sales data and purchasing history, you might also want to provide your customer with tickets to a ballgame, concert, or conference relative to their business. It’s about going the extra mile.

How Can ERP Help The Healthcare Industry?

ERP solution helps streamline business in the healthcare industry. It reduces operational costs and helps in bettering services offered to the patients.

Flash Flex for E-Commerce Portal

It is important to build an attractive website to attract users to an e-commerce portal. Flash Flex is very useful in developing such a website.

Choosing the Best Barcode Recognition SDK for a Document Imaging Processing System

When building a document image processing system, a primary goal is to retrieve all critical data from scanned images with maximum reliability and accuracy. Examples of critical data are account numbers, order numbers, and customer ids which help route the document through the system. Encoding the data with barcodes and processing the barcodes with a robust barcode recognition solution provides the optimal approach for an error-free workflow.

SQL Server – The Microsoft Data Storage Solution

When building a database the first thing one should do is to search for the most appropriate platform which can offer: performance, reliability, productivity and scalability. SQL Server is a database platform developed by Microsoft able to offer developers a rich documentation and reliable support, along with the warranty of performance and quality.

Getting It Done With Construction Industry Software

The enterprise software system manages that aspect of the project with no problem at all. It coordinates the supply chain and gives you a monitor to track activity at each phase. From the office to the construction site you are fully connected and can receive information and data as it develops. All designated employees have the same access to information, which they can use to collaborate, communicate and share.

The Advantages for Joining in PLC Training

When it comes to PLC training, those who want to get a secured job with good salary should join in this one. For many people, choosing a career can be quite confusing, as there are many people who want to get a good job with good salary. Realizing about this fact, joining in automation field can be a good decision. Automation has become quite popular and will continue to gain the popularity more and more. Knowing about this fact, if you want to have a brighter future, you can consider for joining in PLC training.

Latest Java Technology

AJAX stands asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a new technology for developing the web applications. It was invented in 2005 for loading the webpage contents.

PAC Vs PLC: What’s the Difference?

A few years ago, the term PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) started to appear. Many PLC manufacturers began to market new PAC’s along with their traditional line of PLC’s. If you use AutomationDirect.com as an example, their traditional line of PLC’s (DL05, DL06, and others) are still available – and still fairly inexpensive.

An Introduction in Java Concurrency

The programming language Java supports concurrent programming and all processing is done in threads. In the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) resources can be accessed by any or several of those threads. Each thread can possibly access any object or resource in the program.

Android’s Attrition Process: Is Google Serious About Android Apps Development?

Android’s open culture has become a trouble for it. This article shows the Android attrition process and its impact. Also, know about a new feature in Android market place.

QA Testing Systematic Methods to Measure Performance

 QA testing is a process which can be characterized through a planning method where detailed testing is done to achieve a certain standard of quality. Offshore Software Testing in India meets the standard level to deliver products that are often leveraged by client globally. Are you a client who is looking for firms that deliver application which are built by knowledge domain experts and implement modals that specifically fits with the methodical terms of your requirement, then India should be your pick.

iPhone Application Development: Best iPhone Apps for Fitness Freaks

Following a fitness routine for a long amount of time is rather difficult, and one of the main reason that force people to skip their exercise is boredom with the same routine. This article lists the iPhone apps that help you set goals, offer a number of different exercise routines, and make exercise more interesting and fun.

iPhone Application Development: Exciting Career Opportunity for Creative Developers

Smartphones, and especially iPhones, have found favor with a vast majority of professionals and teenagers. Apps have fueled this popularity for iPhones, and considering the growing demand for people who can create innovative apps for iPhone; it would be a good career move to work as an iPhone application developer.

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