Using forEach() method on Maps and Sets | Array Methods | JavaScript

An Introductory Tutorial For the Go Programming Language

The Go programming language was recently released by Google as a systems language that focuses on the ease of development, fast compilation and concurrent computing. It may very well be the ideal language for the development of a custom web server and distributed computing in the near future.

Computer Programming Languages Made Easy

Programming computer languages typically belong to any of the two types- compiled and interpreted. Compiled programming languages are implemented by using compilers, which are translators that generate machine code from source code. The main computer programming languages, and their properties are explained in this article.

Computer Programming For Beginners – Principles and Concepts

If you are new to computer programming, it is important to understand some general concepts and principles. Programming computer languages can be categorized into several types, which include Mark-up languages, interpreted programming languages and compiled language. In addition to these types, there is a special type of programming language, which requires the compiler to create a byte code that can be executed through an additional application.

Software Engineering and the Intelligence Community – Setting Real Time Standards

Software engineering is an essential discipline when designing and implementing high performance data enterprises. Although software engineers are not certified or sanctioned by any standards body, use of software engineers with experience in the Intelligence Community increases chances of success.

How to Get the Source Code of a Website Using C# Programming Language

Go ahead and open up your text editor or whatever you use to write your code in. On the first line we need to add a reference.

Benefits and Types of Software Testing Tools

Software testing tools will not only increase team motivation, but also increase the quality of software products. What is more the use of test tools can dramatically simplify testing, increase the defect find rate and ultimately achieve a higher release quality.

An Introduction to Software Testing

Software Testing is an investigation carried out to provide information about the service or product to the stakeholders. It also provides and independent view to allow people to understand the inherent risks involved in using that software.

The Importance of Process in Software Engineering

Energy is nebulous until it is directed by methods and processes. This is especially true when the energy is generated by the effort of individuals of a large corporation trying to accomplish an engineering task. Just as the circuits in analog appliances direct the flow of energy, methods and processes direct the flow of energy used to perform work in companies, large and small.

Illusions in Software Testing Schedules

In a typical software development life cycle (SDLC) it is not unusual for the software testing phase of the project to be compressed. As the last stage in the cycle the time scales for the software testing tend to get reduced as the project team attempts to maintain the commitment to meet the delivery date.

Why Do We Need Software Testing?

The pressure to release a software product on time can be irresistible to a company. But what is actual impact on the business if something is missed. This article discusses the merits of software testing and/or Quality Assurance – QA.

Software Testing Dashboard For Quality Assurance

When it comes to the task of designing dashboards, there is a need for one to study different types of such in order to fully understand the capabilities and the features here. This is done by means of researching for several hours a day about the dashboards not only used by a certain company but different one

Software Testing Methodologies – An Overview

Getting quality software out the door, on time, and in a functional, usable state is the great challenge of software development. Making sure the software does what it’s supposed to do, and does it in a user-friendly fashion is the difference between a successful product launch and something out of a Dilbert cartoon.

Software Testing Tools to Test Cloud Computing Applications

With its dynamic scalablity, flexibility and virtualized resources are provided as a service, Cloud Computing is seen as the dawn of a new era for application services and has received its fair share of plaudits. With Google Documents, Flickr, Buzzword and Zoho as examples of general purpose applications that use Cloud Computing Technology it is only a matter of time before Cloud Computing is seen as the most viable option for application development and deployment.

Automated Software Testing Makes the Software Cycle Easier

Software testing is essential to make sure that the software bought or made works. Testing used to be the hardest, most tedious process in the software cycle but it has been made easier with Automated Software Testing. Yes, it will entail cost but the over-all expense will still be lower than if you compare it to not having it tested or if you let it undergo through manual testing.

Software Testing is a Necessity

Software testing should be performed on any new program or application created to help you run your business, and regular tests should be conducted as time goes by. The purposes of running these tests are several. It is not a step that you can safely “skip”.

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