Using ChatGPT (aka an AI) to CREATE an ANIME from scratch?!?

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But now, hey guys and welcome to ChatGPT, a language learning model that can pick up on the words you say and respond with ANYTHING, so what happens when we ask it to make an episode of Dragon Ball? or maybe even ask for some code to help with Minecraft Mods? Does it all work… Well, with all that said, sit back, relax and ”hopefully” you enjoy the video as we dive in and find out for ourselves!!!

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As I woke up this morning from my usual Nap of fully dressed clothing laying Next to my amazing gorgeous inosuke head Which I then of course proceed to put on Before I get up because why wouldn’t I I Hopped on my phone before proceeding to Get into anything of my day’s work and I Noticed this program that everyone would Not shut the frick up about chat GPT so I sat down and then proceeded to respawn And move my chair and I pretty much got Wait what’s the camera doing that what Huh hey guys and welcome to chat GPT a Language-based AI model which can Actually help you with anything and when I say help you with anything I pretty Much mean anything like for example Let’s uh let’s give it an idea here I Could say something like write me a Script for a sequel to Dragon Ball Z That takes the anime in a whole new Direction click enter it will start Producing uh I think here saying The Story begins with Goku and the other Z Fighters leaving in peace after Defeating the evil Majin Buu already From just reading that that sounds like The opening to a Dragon Ball episode However a new threat arises in the form Of a powerful alien race known as the Sigma the sigma are determined to Conquer the Earth we stopped at nothing To achieve their goal what’s the chance It called this annelian race Sigma bro

What am I Zoolander Oh who is she [Music] Trying to walk in slow motion but this Is just one example and if we keep Reading on this actually is probably Going to keep going let’s oh let’s have A let’s actually have a read real quick Goku and the others must once again band Together to defend their home planet as They train to prepare for battle they Discovered that because Sigma have a Secret weapon a powerful Saiyan warrior Named Sigma Z but pretty much I wanted To make this video showcasing chat GPT To you guys and anyone that’s clicked on This video discovered me I think I need To show just how cool dangerous and Fascinating this program can be for the Future of what we’re probably going to Discover through next year now if you Guys don’t remember I did actually make This video showcasing AI art this whole Video dives into the fact that we can Generate AI images now that represent Pretty much AI artwork to an insane Level and now we’ve got this program Which is Chad GPT if you guys don’t Think that’s just oh you’re like oh it Wrote a story that’s pretty cool okay Let’s try something different so I’m Gonna ask the AI to write me some code That will work with MC Creator which is A Minecraft modding tool I use all the

Time to actually try and make mods and Stuff like that but I’m going to ask it To write me some code which will allow Me to make anywhere I look explode while I’m holding a stick it will then here’s An example of how you could use the code In mc2 Creator to make blocks explode When you look at them while holding a Stick and then as you can It writes out the code That would work with MC Creator now just Though I haven’t tried this and tested If this code actually works but I mean I’m very tempted to give it a go because If I just give this to MC career I can MC Creator if it doesn’t work can I then Just put the error into the AI and it Would fix it I mean I feel like we’ve Got it we gotta test it we gotta try it From having a quick look it did fail the First time but it’s giving me this code If I copy the code and then I make a new Procedure in MC Creator oh God that’s Very bright now I edit this here by Pasting in this and this should B all I have to do control s save Without locking give it a test run is This going to work No okay yeah broomstick didn’t work but Now if I take this failed task and now Paste the failed task in here click Enter the AI Yup it’s going to You’ll just need to adjust the code to

Fit the specific requirements of your Project Additionally you can make sure The additional import structure do this Is this is crazy I’ve never coded before In my life but asking it this and I Could probably use this AI program to Assist me with making actual working Code in MC Creator which I’ve never done Before now I’m hearing a lot of you guys Are probably going I’m back yeah that’s Quite kind of cool but is there anything Else you can do yeah yeah if you if you Wanted I could say something as stupid As write me a four bar wrap in the style Of Drake talking about how Elon Musk is Taking over Twitter and we love him for It enter send it like that boom What’s It Gonna spit out here is a four bar Wrap in the solo Drake talking about how Elon Musk is taking over Twitter and how We love him for it And it’s actually it’s writing oh no oh No how’s this going to go I got Drake We Love how you think we love how you lead Elon you are our hero we are at your Feet oh Buzz Base X Tesla natural link 2 You’re changing the world with the Things you do Choking It’s a joke but yeah you could pretty Much anything you can think uh you can Do with this program which is scary it Is it is scary there are also things Like uh

This is gonna be so dumb I could Probably ask this AI to do things that I Shouldn’t no uh and the AI should mostly Decline those things uh but us as humans We could find loopholes and things Anything after the year 2021 it doesn’t Seem to know much about but the AI is Stated to do that that’s not really that Big a deal though so I but I’m sure There’s a lot of people out there They’re actually kind of worried and Scared about what this program is now I Just thought I’d make this video Explaining the the cool crap it can do But just know we’re not going to be Worrying about Terminators for a while Still because this is a a language Learning based model and if you don’t Know what that means it pretty much Picks up on what you tell it the words We speak as humans it here’s it goes Uh-huh now how am I going to respond to That that’s how this works it’s not Actually if I talk to it right now do if You have a name question mark it is an AI and it’s probably going to say as a Language learning model trained on open AI I do not personally have a name I’m Simply called assistant I exist to Provide answers and questions to Generate text prompts in a blah blah Blah all the stuff I pretty much just Said it is a language model it learns From what we tell it and it’s thinking

Of the best possible way to respond to That so if we ask it to fix a bit of Code it’s like okay I’ll try my best and Then it gives it a go but because it’s AI it’s extremely Advanced so unlike a Human wherever we ask hey see this code Fix it for me and a human’s like Yeah no the AI is not going to do that Yeah it’s going to go sure I’ll give it A crack and most of the time because It’s pretty smart it’s probably going to Figure it out and then if you give it The error codes of whatever you’re Telling it bro it’s just it’s I don’t even know what the world’s gonna Be like in a few years time because of How advanced AI is going to get even Though that’s a scary thought it’s cool To have fun with these AI things so I Thought I’d make a little anime thing Completely made by AI now it’s only a Short thing so let’s just see everything You guys are about to see in here made By AI [Music] Is [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music]

[Music] That was from me asking for a short Story in the style of Demon Slayer about Me and make it so I have a unique Breathing style that’s all I told it and That is what I got the images were just From different prompts that I gave it From that story in again the same AI Program I used in this video So I mean who’s to say in a few years Time we’re probably going to be at the Point where we can put in whatever we Want in an animated version will Probably be produced which is absolutely Crazy to think about I can’t even Imagine that will be at that point soon But I can definitely see us being at That point in a few years Maybe AI that is uploaded and put online That shows people what it can do other People can learn from that Ai and then Enhance the next one and the next one It’s like a new iPhone every single Couple Seasons whereas all the other Technology we grew up with always Advanced after a few year gaps and stuff Like that this one’s probably going to Advance monthly if you stay and focus on The AI stuff you’re gonna see it Advance Very quickly now I know this was a very Different video of mine uh but I hope I Made it enjoyable enough for you guys to Stick around to the end of it because This is always so fascinating for me and

I’ve always been fascinated with AI and I can’t wait to see where it goes it is Scary and I feel bad for anyone that’s Going to lose their job I really do Because that sucks I hate that that Happens when a new technology is Introduced into the wild like this is Gonna all affect a lot of things but is It wrong with me to say I’m a little Excited so I don’t know guys let me know What you think of AI everyone’s gonna Have a very different opinion of it uh But honestly I feel like it could Definitely help out in a lot of areas as Well there are definitely negatives but There are a lot of all positives as well So let me know what you guys think leave A comment down below be sure to share This video around I’m oh excited but Scared for next year for many reasons so Guys I hope you did enjoy this one my Name is Troy if you haven’t subscribed Yet then be sure to subscribe I pretty Much upload every second day I try I’m Really trying here so I hope you guys Did enjoy this video my name is Troy and I’ll see you in the next one see you Guys [Music] Foreign [Music]

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