Using ChatGPT AI to create a 3D model

I used ChatGPT to generate an .STL file, and then I printed it out with a 3D printer. Check it out!

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Thanks for watching and have fun printing!

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I used an AI prompt to design this 3D Model and I’m going to show you how I Did it I’m using chatgpt for this Project and first I asked to make a Model of a cube it wasn’t able to do That so I tried again but this time I Asked it to describe the geometry of a Cube in STL format and it worked it Actually made a printable STL file I Pulled it into meshmixer and noticed it Had a couple of issues so I flipped Around some triangles and got it to a Print ready state And I’m printing this out with a three Color pla which gives it a really cool Digital effect it’s also a silk pla so It’s pretty shiny and there you have it 3D model designed by AI what should I Make next

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