To Do List App In JavaScript | ES6

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🧡 Hello All JavaScript Lovers Outhere!

Today we are going to build a JavaScript project, which is; the to do list app. It will be a very clean tutorial where everything is explained very well, and a long the way this is what you will learn today:
🔸 Manipulate the DOM with JavaScript.
🔸 Render informations from a JavaScript object to the user interface.
🔸 Use of Leteral expression (backticks, multi-line string).
🔸 Using of Array forEach method.
🔸 Using of Array some method.
🔸 Using of Array map method.
🔸 Using of Array filter method.
🔸 Using of Array push method.
🔸Save data to the local storage.
🔸Form submission in JavaScript.
🔸Submit and Click Event listeners in JavaScript.
🔸HTML5 custom attributes and how to access them in JavaScript.
🔸Ternary operator.
🔸AND & OR logical operators in JavaScript.
🔸setTimeout in JavaScript.
🔸Generate a random color in JavaScript.
🔸Arrow functions in JavaScript.
🔸Bootstrap icons.

🕔 Timeline :
00:00:00 – Project Preview
00:02:03 – Download starter template :
00:03:00 – HTML code
00:10:00 – Form submission
00:12:41 – Save a todo
00:22:11 – Render to-dos to the user interface
00:28:27 – Target a todo
00:35:07 – HTML5 custom attributes and access them in JavaScript
00:41:05 – Check a completed todo
00:51:53 – Edit a todo
01:00:03 – Delete a todo
01:03:37 – Custom notifications
01:08:13 – Save to-dos to the local storage
01:14:41 – Fixing a little bug

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JavaScript for Beginner

JavaScript for beginner|JavaScript for beginner

JavaScript for Beginner

If you’re a beginner in JavaScript, it’s best to start with a smaller project that you can develop as you progress. You can start by adding some features to a tutorial program you’ve already built, such as a Chrome extension. Building a project together with other beginners will also allow you to avoid the frustrations associated with starting from scratch. The hardest part is removing the tutorial training wheels, so start small and make gradual improvements over time.

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