Tips from Terry: What was the most challenging part of the Codesmith Immersive?

Terry shares what he found to be the most challenging part of the Codesmith Immersive and how he worked through it!

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This is Terry Tilley here from code Smith The most difficult thing uh for me with Being a cosmap student was Um Was trying my hardest at something And still not getting it And I'm talking about my hardest I mean Staring at it Dicing up something best and I'll say Dicing in a litter in a figurative sense In my head trying to figure out how to To either use this technology or to to Use this technique with this technology And that was hard but what helps you Through that is the community literally The majority of the times that I got Unstuck was from classmates believe it Or not and I was able to help them and You'll learn a whole lot more about that Um just come to a workshop and you'll See that

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