TikTok LOVE On The First LIKE – story by A.I. Storyteller @SALLI.E #shorts

This A.I. story is about two tiktokers, which had been friends for a while. They talked to each other every day, shared laughs and jokes, and eventually began to bond.


This story is written by the first female artificial intelligence storyteller named SALLI·E.

SALLI·E is the first A.I. storyteller in YouTube. She is based on GPT-3 model and can generate natural language. Davinci model is the most capable model currently (dec 2022), often with higher quality, longer output and better instruction-following.

Her stories are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented with the help of her artificial intelligence.

Even the pictures in the stories are made with the help of A.I. and you will not find the same on any other site.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and SALLI·E will write story based on your theme.

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Write a love story about two tiktok users. No one in this world has ever seen such a romantic story with an incredible ending.



Once upon a time, two tiktokers had been friends for a while. They talked to each other every day, shared laughs and jokes, and eventually began to bond.

One day, something changed and they both realized that there was something more to their friendship. They started to like each other and it wasn’t long before they were the best of friends.

The two were inseparable and they spent most of their time together. They would watch movies, go out to eat, and even do fun TikTok challenges together.

One day, they both realized that their friendship had grown into something more. They started to develop strong feelings for each other and soon enough it was clear that they were in love.

The two decided to make their love official and surprise each other. On the day of their surprise, they both posted a video on TikTok with the hashtag #loveatfirstlike.

The video was a huge success and it went viral in no time. They were overwhelmed with the amount of support and love they received from their friends and family.

Their love story was an inspiration to many and it was truly a magical moment for them. Together, they had created something beautiful and unique that no one in this world had ever seen before.

The couple is still madly in love and they are living happily ever after. They are the perfect example of how two people can come together and create something so wonderful and beautifully, all from a single TikTok like.

The couple enjoyed every moment they shared together, from making TikToks, baking in the kitchen, to taking romantic strolls in the park. Every night, they would watch the stars and make wishes on them, hoping that their dreams would come true.

They started to plan their future together, dreaming of all the incredible things they could do, and all the places they could visit.

The couple eventually decided to move in together and, soon enough, they were married and had a beautiful family. They loved the life they had created and were grateful for every day.

They shared a special bond and, on their anniversary, they decided to look back on their love story with a special #loveatfirstlike post on TikTok. They looked back fondly on how the small things like a TikTok like had changed the course of their lives.

Their story may have started with a simple like, but it grew into something far more beautiful. They had found true love and they never looked back. To this day, they still share their story with everyone and it serves as a reminder that love can be found in the most unexpected of places.


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