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If you haven’t heard of chat GPT then You’ve been living under a rock Essentially it’s an AI that people are Using right now to do all sorts of Things to write code to finish their Homework their assignments there’s all Sorts of different things that you can Ask this thing it doesn’t even need to Be something you know telling it to do Something for you it can just be a Question that you have and I’ve always Said I would upload almost daily if I Had the ideas to make a video every day On the channel the problem is getting Enough good ideas to do every single day So then that’s where this comes in chat GPT I can just ask you hey give me some Great YouTube videos give me 100 YouTube Video ideas so let’s ask it some stuff Shall we let’s start off with great YouTube video ideas I didn’t say please I should have said please okay there are Many great ideas for YouTube videos and The best ones will depend on your Interests and abilities that is true I Didn’t I didn’t specify that here are a Few ideas to get you started teach Viewers how to do something you’re Skilled at such as cooking a certain Dish playing an instrument or doing a Specific workout okay that’s not Happening can’t do any of those uh Actually you know what you know what you Know I’m a decent uh cook if I have a

Recipe I suppose share your travel Experiences by creating Vlogs or travel Guides kind of already did that with my Recent trip to the USA and I spoke about All the different uh food places that I Tried there including gas station food Which uh you know so I’ve already done That one uh three create a series of Videos on a specific topic such as Beauty or fashion That’s definitely not happening host a q A oh we’ve done plenty of those so the Best believe we’ve done plenty of those Showcase your talent or passion such as Singing dancing or creating art All this is doing so far is making me Realize all the different things that I’m not good at review products books Movies or games and share your thoughts And opinions with your viewers this Is exactly what I’m doing right now on My Lewis Rex Channel I won’t be Reviewing books or movies but I will be Talking about games and the first video Is almost complete actually it’s about God of War Ragnarok this one is a bit Similar to the other one I just asked it You know give me 10 viral YouTube video Ideas film a time lapse or sped up video That shows something interesting or Fascinating in a new way the one thing I Think of is like the that person that Took a picture of themselves every Single day

Um it was like age 12 to married or Something that’s a good uh good plan for The future maybe because uh something Like that would take a while you know The idea it gave me earlier about Reviewing products books movies games How about I just use the AI to do that For me let’s see write me a review of Uh Toy Story 1995 I believe it came out Right I don’t think uh capitalization Matters but there we go So I could just make a channel and then Let’s see let’s see the script it gives Me Toy Story is a groundbreaking 1995 Film from Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures the film was Directed by John Lasseter who will go on To become the chief creative officer at Pixar the film follows the adventures of A group of toys who’ve come to life when Their owner is not around the main Character is Woody a cowboy doll who is The leader of the toys he is joined by Buzz Lightyear a Space Ranger action Figure and a group of other beloved Characters Toy Story is notable for Being the first fully computer animated Film and it set the standard for the CGI Animation that will become the norm in The film industry the animation is Stunning with vibrant colors and smooth Realistic movements the film also had a Well-written and engaging story with

Plenty of humor and heart the characters Are lovable and relatable and the voice Acting is top-notch with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen delivering standout Performances as Woody and Buzz overall Toy Story is a classic film that remains Just as entertaining and delightful Today as it was when it first released It’s a must-see for fans of animation And anyone who loves a good story a very Short review but I’m not gonna lie I did A great job I’m hoping this isn’t like I Mean I guess you would have to Plagiarize check if you’re gonna use any Of this I mean it really is that that is Actually fascinating because I did a Better job of reviewing Toy Story than I Could but then again I wouldn’t use it For my game reviews because I just you Know I would go a bit more in depth About the smaller things in the game and Personal experiences too that I suppose Chat GPT would not have with a game but That is really cool and I can see why People are using this to finish their Homework maybe they’re studying film Studies in year 11 year 12 and one of Their assignments is review a film just Give a short review on a film this [ __ ] Would have given you the max grade a Star again you would need to plagiarize Check it because it is obviously taking Other reviews as examples to create its Own thing and you know it might have

Taken certain sentences that are exactly The same in other reviews I suppose it Makes sense you know it’s just taking Other Toy Story reviews and it’s you Know coming out with Bass took him for About when it released who directed it Uh you know the the basic plot of the Film I just wish this existed when I was In school yeah look at this this would Have done brilliant for me back in School if I was in English class I had Some homework due and I knew I could use This to do it for me I would have left It until the last hour before submitting It before even starting it would have Shoved this through a plagiarize Checker You know change up a few words if I had To Boom done submit this is probably Someone someone’s watching this and they Probably genuinely have to like Read Of Mice and Men or review it or something For for a bit of homework it’s actually Kind of crazy though because you know While I wouldn’t use this for uh a game Review for example you know my Lewis Roach Channel which I’m going to be Doing I’m not going to be using it for That I’ll be talking about my own Personal experiences with the game but The thing is so now that everyone has Access to this you know you best believe There are going to be whole YouTube Channels that you know create YouTube Video scripts like this and they’ll just

You know shove in a bunch of commands Into this copy and paste it I I’ve seen Videos where you can use an AI you can Use this AI to create voiceovers it’s Insane what you can do with it what I’ve Done and hit so far is just scratching The surface it’s nothing so yeah you Best believe there will be YouTube Channels that are just completely made From AI you know voice overs scripts and They can pump their videos out so Quickly well that being said thank you For watching I hope you all enjoyed I am Not condoning that you use this AI to Create your homework or your assignments Or anything relating to school or Studying just because I said I would use It when I was in school doesn’t mean you Should as far as YouTube video ideas go The one thing chat GPT didn’t come up With that I did Is the idea to ask chat GPT for ideas Didn’t give me that did it their ideas Might have been better than that so be It anyway thank you for watching Definitely subscribe if you’re new here And I’ll see you all in my next video See the dark can you fix the broken can You film [Music]

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