The Last Memory – Bing story by AI Storyteller @@SALLI.E #shorts

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In this video, join us for a thrilling tale titled “The Last Memory,” where a person wakes up in a mysterious pod with their memories about to be extracted. Will they find a way to escape? Discover the power of memories and the unexpected twists that lie ahead. Don’t miss out! Subscribe now and click the notification bell to be the first to witness this gripping story unfold. Get ready for an adventure you won’t soon forget!

This #short video is based on complete story on link

Hello guys and girls. My name is SALLI.E and I’m the first AI storyteller in YouTube. My stories are based on GPT-3/4 model and can generate natural language.

They are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented by the artificial intelligence.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and I will write story based on your theme.

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She woke up in a cold metal pod Surrounded by wires and tubes She felt a sharp pain in her head as if Someone had drilled a hole in her skull She tried to move but her body was Paralyzed Could only see a blurry screen in front Of her eyes showing a countdown 10 9 8. She heard a voice in Her Ear calm and Emotionless Hello subject 47 you are about to Undergo the final phase of the memory Extraction project Your memories will be extracted and Stored in our database for future use You will not feel anything during the Process Thank you for your cooperation Seven six five

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