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The Success Story of Android Apps

Android is an answer to Apple’s OS, developed by Google. Due to its flexibility and various choices, it has become a favorite for both developers and consumers. Unlike other phones, Android phones are available at reasonable prices. They are also very user friendly and designed to meet the customers’ needs. No wonder android phones sell like hot buns all around the world.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Upcoming Drupal 8 Upgrade

An object-oriented approach lowers the barrier to entry for new developers. Drupal 7 and all previous versions used a procedural approach to scripting. This means that code is executed the same way every time the script is run. Procedural scripts are more reliable, but less customizable.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Open Source Web Development

Software development is the hottest and in demand trends. Open source development plays an important role in the field of software development. In the open source method, developers prepare a code system which can be used by the programmers. Some examples of open systems are Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, and Magneto.

Developing Mobile Apps With Drupal Is Easy and Effective

Drupal is prominently used to build mobile applications by developers as it is a powerful, high value and low cost solution to content management. Mobile app development and Drupal continue to become more refined as more mobile OS and devices enter the market.

How to Set the Canvas Size and Context for a 2D Browser Game

Before you can start programming your HTML5 browser game you need to set the size and context of the canvas element. In this article, I will not only show you the JavaScript code to do this but also explain a bit more about the important rendering context.

Styling the Canvas for Your HTML5 Browser Game

Even a good game can lack success if the presentation doesn’t convince players to try it. Now keep in mind that presentation doesn’t necessarily mean high-end graphics. There are some things that we can do using CSS to make our HTML5 canvas look more like a real gaming console.

Now You Can Switch From Smartphone to Laptop Easily

Google is utilizing Bluetooth and WiFi to share screen Information from smartphones to laptops. This will eliminate the inconvenience a mobile device user faces due to the smaller screen size of a smart phone.

Why You Should Have Interactive Website Design

Mobile browsing has been on the increase as more consumers own smart phones and tablets, which offer convenient access to the internet. These devices have doubled the amount of time that people spend accessing the internet.

How to Create the Canvas Tag for Your HTML5 Browser Game

If you want to create a HTML5 browser game, the first thing you need to do is add the canvas to your webpage. Adding the canvas tag is only the very first step, though. After all, we will need to work with this canvas so we can program our browser game. In this post you’ll learn how to add the canvas tags to your webpage and save the canvas in a JavaScript variable.

Introduction to HTML5 Game Programming

In this article I’ll give you a brief introduction to HTML5 game programming, the most modern method to create browser games. With the release of HTML5 a new HTML tag, called the canvas, was introduced. This tag allows us to place a transparent canvas on a webpage and draw on it. If we draw, clean, and re-draw this canvas many times per second we are creating animations, which is eventually how we can create our HTML5 browser game.

Brilliant Platforms for Mobile Applications Development

Getting a mobile application created for your business is no longer a matter of number of years. In this era, where there is no dearth of mobile applications development companies, creating a mobile app has become cost effective.

Why Re-Engineering And Software Testing Are Essential For An Organization

Testing of software is important as a few errors and faults are unavoidable. Software is tested to find as many faults as possible to make sure that a standardized product with least number of errors is delivered.

Responsive Website Development – Why Does Your Business Need One?

Responsive site development, you will be providing your business with a competitive advantage and this is going to help you establish strong foot hold in the market place. With Google falling in love with responsive sites, this investment of yours is surely going to reap in some lucrative benefits in the prospect.

A Quick Look at Ruby on Rails Technology

Ruby on Rails Technology is an emerging and most widely used technology in the web development world that has been experiencing a tremendous surge in popularity for many years. Let’s have a quick look at this technology, its components and other similar frameworks in this article.

An Introduction to Defining Code Blocks in Various Procedural Programming Languages

A code block is just a piece of code that is contained in some way, and typically should be kept as one unit of execution. For example, the result of a binary decision typically manifests itself in one of two outcomes; code that is executed if the decision evaluated to ‘TRUE’ and another if the result was ‘FALSE’. Now, you wouldn’t want to confuse bits of these code blocks, or get them swapped, or execute half of one, and half of the other, so we need some way to keep the lines together.

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