Ternary operator and switch statements in javascript

An Introduction to Java Programming Language

Java is proven to be much more superior to any other programming language mainly because of its platform independent features. Unlike C or C++, Java uses a special technology which is directly responsible for its platform independent functionalities. This is known as the Java virtual machine which creates a bytecode and from that an intermediate class file which can run on any machine which has the Java virtual machine on it. Another great feature about Java is that it does not support pointers like C, which can solve all the issues regarding computer viruses.

How Do Control Panel Design Programs Work?

Electronic devices are designed and manufactured for performance, and sometimes the feature that will deliver the best performance does not improve usability. Fortunately, front panels are manufactured to make machines and other electronic devices easier to use. Front panels were first used on computers to display data and allow the operator to alter device memory.

Best Trackable QR Codes

The original of Quick Response Codes (QR codes) was from Japan for using the same for their automobile industry purposes. The QR codes are two dimensional matrix codes, encoding data both horizontally and vertically in a tiny square pattern.

Resolving SharePoint Lag Within Your Enterprise

Most SharePoint lag or connectivity issues can be resolved with a simple reassignment on available servers. This can be accomplished easily and with little time or effort.

DevOps Orchestration

Sometimes teams that don’t usually get a chance to work together start working together and the results surprise both sides. This is the story of the two branches of the IT department, Apps and Ops. Apps is the work related to ‘software application development’ (custom built or commercial off the shelf software) and Ops refers to keeping the lights on in your data center or your teams personal electronic devises. For decades these two groups were in deep seclusion, but today these teams are coming together around the concept of release management. Release management is the art of how and when to safely release software into production, how to maintain it and when to retire that software successfully.

First Steps of Any Software Project!

Software application design is complex. There are a few factors that the engineer has to take into account in order for them to properly meet the requirements and the specification in the first place, and more importantly the satisfaction of the user base.

Developing Website Pages for Smartphones

The Smartphone, whether from Apple, Adobe, Google or Microsoft, has become a pervasive technology. With the power to read emails, browse the web or run an app – the wireless connectivity of the Smartphone provides a multitude of easily implemented opportunities. Companies have the prospect of increased productivity in the field with instant access to corporate data. There are a myriad uses that the Smartphone can be put to – with its ability to act as a small connected PC.

Android Application Development Process

The mobile phone application development market is brimming with opportunities for application developers. There are a number of job opportunities for developers to develop applications for Blackberry, Android, iPad etc.

PHP Web Development – Leading Web Expansion Service

The article will help you in retrieving information on PHP web development and also will help you in knowing the basic advantages and limitations of PHP development. In addition, the article will suggest you the best place for the PHP web site development.

You Need Data for Performance Testing?

Usually you won’t get your product accepted without performance and stress testing. For such tests you need large quantity of data of course. But your database is basically empty. And for some of your many tables you need thousands or even millions of records. So what are your options?

The Seven Deadly Sins of Custom Software

If you are looking for a custom software company to build a web, mobile or desktop application, you may find these Seven Deadly Sins invaluable. Deadly Sin #1: Basing your decision primarily on price. There’s a reason this is the first deadly sin. It’s committed more than all the other deadly sins combined.

Develop Your Digital Strategy to Uncover the Perfect Digital Solution

The perfect digital solution which can empower the marketers during the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement should have the right blend of strategy, experience and technology. Moreover the digital solution should define the long term strategy that is measurable and iterative to ensure that the digital initiatives are successful.

WordPress As a Framework for Web Apps – Building a Simple Recipe Database

In the past WordPress has grown from a powerful blog-system to a powerful CMS and, more recently, to a powerful framework for web applications. I found WordPress extremely useful as base for medium sized web apps, without too much traffic. This article will show you how to customize WordPress to adjust it to your data model, mainly by showing you how to use the essentials to build every WordPress powered web app – Custom post types, Custom taxonomies and Custom fields.

Use Drupal For Building Community Website

The world of cyber technologies are changing rapidly. The phenomenal rise of Facebook can be easily noticed. Social networking websites are not for fun anymore. Now, these websites have converted into biggest market place in virtual arena. The social networking has become regular business networking. Thus, you can see new entrant, who wants to build community building site for commercial purpose. Such business organizations are looking for best web technologies and Drupal is amongst these web technologies. This content management system can also be used for running a social networking website.

Prefer Moodle Development to Develop Excellent E-Learning Apps

This article will provide you the basic details on moodle and its development. In addition, it will also offer you some unknown facts about Moodle. Further, the article will lead you to have information on how does it work and what is its functionality.

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