students using ai to write complete assignments #teachers #chatgpt

You’re a teacher you need to know about This new website the students can use to Cheat in your class probably one of the Most advanced and I don’t know Applicable ways I’ve ever seen AI used Now it can also help you a ton with you Preparing lessons and doing stuff for Your class but let’s take a look at it So you’re aware and then I’ll give you a Couple ideas on how we can help adapt so Students don’t cheat on everything Website is called chat GPT I can spell But if you just tell it what they want It to do write a 500 word essay on the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows This thing just starts writing it and it Looks legit the same thing it has to do An APA format and it is just it’s just Doing the work got two tips for using This as a teacher trying to make sure Students aren’t cheating one be aware of People’s stuff that is very similar I Think we already do this but if it looks Too similar to someone else they’re Probably using the same program and Number two start throwing in as many Personal application like uh ways to Answer the question as possible because It’s harder for this thing to do it if It’s applied to them as a person make Another video showing how can help you As a teacher

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