startsWIth and endsWith methods | String Object In JavaScript

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🧡 Hello All JavaScript Lovers Outhere!

Today you’re going to learn about the String Object In JavaScript.

This tutorial is a series of videos, in each video we will discuss a method (or more) of the String Object in JavaScript.

In today’s video, you’re going to learn about startsWith and endsWith methods.

The startsWith and endsWith methods both return a Boolean true or false, based on whether a string starts (ends) with another string or not.

🟢🟠 The string.startsWith() method
🔷 Syntax:
startsWith(searchString, position)
🔹searchString : The characters to be searched for at the start of this string.
🔹 position (Optional) : The position in this string at which to begin searching for searchString. Defaults to 0.

🟢🟠 The string.endsWith() method
🔷 Syntax:
endsWith(searchString, length)
🔹searchString : The characters to be searched for at the start of this string.
🔹 length (Optional) : If provided, it is used as the length of str. Defaults to str.length.

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