Sort array of objects without sort method in JavaScript

Advantages of Drupal

Drupal is an open source and free CMS, mostly used in larger enterprises. Written in PHP, Drupal CMS gives users the leeway to manage, publish, and update unlimited number of content on their websites. Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems with very strong social web amenities.

Visual Studio 2008: The Development Tool Which Makes the Difference

Microsoft Visual Studio is a development environment created by Microsoft which allows the development of console and GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications, as well as web services, sites, and apps, for the platforms supported by Microsoft (Windows Mobile,.NET Framework, Microsoft Silverlight and more). The main built-in programming languages supported by Visual Studio are: VB.Net, C#, C, C++.

Hire DOT NET Professionals and Take Full Advantage of the Technology

.NET or Dot NET is a software structure which provides controlled environment for development and running of computer applications. Once the.NET framework is installed in the PC, the software gets updated with the update service of Microsoft. And, after installation of any version of .NET in the computer, it gets updated through the control panel of the computer and hence become the latest version of .NET…

How to Export WordPress Site Content

There are several reasons why you may want to consider exporting content from a blog or website that uses the WordPress platform. First note that here we are talking about a self-hosted site. This means that you have your own domain name registered and your site database and web files reside on your own paid hosting account.

Starting Your Own Website – Useful Web Design Software, Templates and Programs

The constant evolution of information technology is considered as a good thing since it makes a lot of things easier and connects people all over the world. As people continue to embrace the advantages of information technology, they continue to develop and explore various aspects associated with technology including web design. Almost everyone, in all levels of society have their accounts on the internet.

How Does Computer GUI Work?

How computer GUI works, from the mouse to the screen. Description of how user action is transferred to interrupts, and software interrupts until it is seen on the screen.

Java Programming, A Hello World Program

Java is the new trends amongst the world of programming languages, The most famous languages were C and C++. The C/C++ languages depended mainly on pointers and memory allocation techniques to actually utilize memory space to store data. for example: If you typed in C/C++ int y=8; what happens is that the computer processor, finds a free space in the memory using references and store the value 8 in it.

Ruby on Rails – How to Install RoR on Windows Seven

After we know who Ruby is, it’s time to know how to install it either on our personal computer or notebook. For the first time, we have to prepare everything which is needed in installation process.

Free Web Application Development for Your Business Automation

Web based applications run on web servers which are kept open to access when using the internet. This enables user to access the application from any computer connected to the internet. PHP and MSQL are high standard programming based technology used by both small medium organizations, they are also free open source projects where by anyone can download these packages and customize it according to their need. Here are Some web based open source projects on PHP and MSQL currently used in different activities being discussed categorically on basis of functional requirement in organizing.

PHP Development A Prominent Web Development Solution

PHP development is an excellent open source scripting language. Being a Core of open source technology it serves as a prominent platform to carve state-of-the-art solutions in web development and web based applications.

The Importance of Programming in Java

Java is becoming increasingly important. This article will explore the importance of programming in Java.

The Importance of a Web Page

Life in the 21’st century is full of technology, and in this technological time it is very difficult for a business to survive without a website. A Businesses without a website in today’s date is the equivalent of 20 years ago having no print media advertising, and without a website companies tend to lose large number of potential customers. Almost every person today prefer the internet to look out up their desired products and find new services.

JQuery Sidebar Plugin for Bloggers

This is small and simple sidebar plugin made with HTML, CSS and JQuery which can be used for many purposes like for ‘Follow me’ link, ‘contact us’ page, or anything you want. It positions itself at Left/Right side of the page, this can be configured easily with config option “position”. You can modify its look and feel by making change in style/style.css file.

Create an MS Access Database – 9 Simple Steps to a Productive Database

Designed properly an MS Access database can be a wonderful tool to boost productivity. Understanding the steps involved is the key to creating an MS Access Database that fits the work-flow needs of your business. Basically, before you can create your database you have to design it from the top down and build it from the bottom up as you’ll see in the article. I will not get into the details of how to create a database in Microsoft Access, but rather outline the basic steps to avoid 95% of the pitfalls most have when trying to create an productive database.

PSD to HTML – Effective Way Of PSD To HTML Conversion

Internet has brought a drastic change in the technology all over the world. Due to advanced technology, people are able to achieve great heights easily and thereby there is increase in the living standard of the people. As there has been drastic change in social life there is an increase in the demand of highly qualified and skilled website designer to create attractive, impressive and user friendly websites.

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