setInterval Using Callback Function in JavaScript.

Learning the Basics of Database Modeling

Where conceptual data modeling is used primarily for the envisioning requirements for your database, a logical data model is used to explore the entity types and their relationships to other entities. A physical data model is what we use to truly design traditional projects. The internal database schema design is helpful for an application developer to better understand the functionality of data oriented objects of a project and therefore important for this developer to know how best to program a business application that must interact with a complex business database.

What To Look For When Searching For An Asp Net Chat Component For Your Social Networking Site?

Social networking websites have drawn the interest of people from all over the world – the current trend is to start a social networking site for gaining popularity and not just from earning money. One of the core features needed in a Social Networking site is the chat.


HTML is a scripting language which we use to write web pages. Text is marked up with tags which organise and format the way text is displayed on the page. Because structure is left up to HTML, style is controlled by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

How to Be a Good Programmer

I am often asked about how to be a good programmer. The best way to judge whether a programmer is good or not is to check the code he or she wrote, because coding is the most important work for a programmer. Even if we do not try to understand the intention of the code, just by looking at it we can see whether this programmer is good or not. So, how to be a good programmer? You should make every effort to write clean, standard and even elegant codes.

Can We Use a Hyper-Sphere to Generate Random Sequences and Numbers for Encryption?

Generating encryption and fooling anti-encryption technologies is a lot more difficult than one might consider. Yes, it’s all about complex mathematics, and perhaps luckily there are not very many humans who really get it at those levels, considering on how far these computations have taken us today. But then again therein lies the problem, everyone is using mathematical equations to create and decipher code, maybe there is a better way to generate random sequences to prevent predictive artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms from ever breaking the codes.

PHP Development: Present and Future Trends

PHP development is in great demand nowadays. Most companies are hiring PHP developers providing the finest services related to web development.

The Benefits of Using AJAX Technology to Create Interactive Web Applications

Many advances in web technology have surfaced over the past decade many of which have helped web entrepreneurs and their respective businesses tremendously. One of the newer technologies on the market, made available around late 2005, is the Ajax system. Technically, Ajax isn’t any type of new software program.

Programmers Need to Work Hard to Protect Smart Phones and Tablet Operating Systems

It is completely amazing that there are now nearly half a million iPhone apps that you can download, yes, many are silly and ridiculous, but quite a few of them really solve problems for us all. They increase our productivity, give us instant information, and help us navigate in our high-tech digital age of mobility. That’s all good no doubt.

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) Versus Active Server Pages (ASP)

ASP and PHP are two most commonly used web development tools for a web design company. With the help of these tools a developer is able to develop content on web servers. This helps the web development company to incorporate a wide range of design styles and techniques which are compatible with the computer of a person using the web site.

Programmers of Artificial Intelligent Speech Translation Software Are Completely Challenged

About a month ago, I took some old cassette tapes that I had, and some old videotapes that I had saved of myself giving speeches and tried to convert them into digitized writing. I had a silly, but rather clever idea; I would turn on my voice recognition software on my computer, put the headphones up against the TV, turn the TV on to an appropriate high volume, and play the video. The theory being that it would record everything that was said into the voice recognition software, and I can convert these into e-books, articles, and word files.

Programming the New Software for iPad to Solve Multiple Marketplace Challenges Won’t Be Easy

Let’s face it the newsprint industry has seen better days, and it seems more and more of the folks, people like you and I are getting our news online these days. Those who’ve chosen to evolve are incorporating their print publication with online venues, and electronic distribution. Those who don’t are filing for bankruptcy.

iPhone App Development – Where to Start?

It seems there’s an iPhone App for everything. All major brands, shops, tv programmes, news channels have an App.

Business Analyst Role in Creating a Test Plan

Below are roles and responsibilities of various candidates in creating a test plan for any software application. The overall purpose of testing is to ensure the given software application performs at an acceptable level for the customer.

For Some The Dream Career Will Begin With Video Game Design Courses

Some people out there in the world of today have the type of career path that will begin through video game design courses. A lot of people really like playing games, and some of these people want to be involved with the behind the scenes magic of creating them as well.

Maven – Open Source System for Building of Distributed Sources

In today’s software “good manufacturing practice”, Maven is considered to be one of the essential components. Professional software developers should consider using it in a “nightly build” process.

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