Remove “x” from the string using recursion || recursion with strings || DSA mastery course

Hire Joomla Developers To Explore Online Business

Joomla Web Development has been used worldwide to improve the Web sites. The basic framework of Joomla allows hire Joomla developer to quickly and easily build.

The FISHERINV Function – A Tool to Calculate for the Inverse of the Fisher Transformation

There’s no doubt that you are required to be actually familiar and knowledgeable with the various functions of the Microsoft Excel software program so that you could maximize the use of it. There are some Excel functions that are required to be well explained in order for them to be understood precisely. One of these functions is the FISHERINV function.

Using the Nex Gen Media Server (NGMS) API to Integrate Video Streaming Into Your Own C/C++ App

Introduction  Recently I took a closer look at Nex Gen Media Server (NGMS) and their API framework. NGMS is a multi-purpose streaming server which supports some of the popular streaming protocols such as RTSP, RTMP, Apple’s HTTP Live, and MPEG-2 Transport Stream. NGMS comes with transcoding support and is able to capture and reformat live video streams and adapt them to be received by another type of device, such as capturing an HD video feed and converting it to be received by an iPhone over 3g.

History of the Usenet

In 1979 two students at Duke University decided to replace the obsolete Bulletin Board System used by the university for local announcements. The two students, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, with some help from Steve Bellovin created the first Usenet package, called “netnews”, which took advantage of existing communications software on Unix systems called UUCP (Unix-to-Unix copy). The servers, also called nodes, used a connection between the computer departments of Duke University and North Caroline University – Chapel Hill.

Learning The Facts Of Linux Hosting

People who are into computer programming and are good at it know about how good Linux is and what it can do. Linux is the operating system of choice for people who use their computers for more than just entertainment purposes. It is more capable when it comes to programming of any kind because of its free and open source software.

Communication: An Essential Element When Outsourcing

Communication is an important component of our lives, and thanks to the advancements of technology, the way we communicate now differs a lot from the way we used to communicate a couple of years ago. […] As outsourcing has become a clear business direction, the need to communicate with business partners from other timezones and having different cultural backgrounds, has triggered new necessities and requirements. As a result, new pieces of software have been developed which ease the communication process, and which offer both visual and audio support.

Analyzing Statistics for Success on an Agile Project

Ask any number of traditional software project managers how they measure their team’s progress and you’ll undoubtedly be given a “percentage completed” or a project health color of red, yellow, or green. Too many managers consider any project that’s delivered on-time and on-budget to be a success. However, what if a project that’s finished on time and under budget doesn’t satisfy the customer’s needs? What if it isn’t what they expected? Can it truly be called a success?

The Usability Aspect in Documentation

How many of us refer to the trusty documentation on the Wi-Fi router before dialing customer service. I am guessing a unanimous NO! However, if the customers are not reading the manuals, it has got to be the tech support group which does.

Android Vs iPhone Development – What A Fight!

Android and iPhone, both of them are the most desired smartphones of this generation. With these 2 smartphones, life’s getting smoother and easier. Though, for a designer, application development for these smartphones is certainly a treat, as he can attract a worldwide population with these applications.

A Look at SQL Server Denali AlwaysOn

Microsoft’s SQL Server is nearing the release of Version 11.0, which it has code named Denali (previous code names included Kilamanjaro, Matrix, Katmai, Yukon, and more). Denali figures to be filled with a host of new features, many of which have already been confirmed and discussed at length by Microsoft. One of these new features is SQL Server AlwaysOn – an improvement upon the database mirroring functionality of previous versions of SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Denali: New PowerPivot for Excel Features

Many businesses have been leveraging the power of Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 since its release almost one year ago. PowerPivot for Excel allows business-level users to pull data from structured sources like SQL, Oracle, and DB2 in order to compare with industry trends. PowerPivot removes the onus of defining relationships from the user and instead has that logic built in.

Services Offered by Net Development Services and Mobile Apps Development Companies

In the vast sector of information technology there are many services offered by net development and mobile apps development companies. Many companies offer a wide range of services like end-to-end development solutions, Web development, Client – Server application, Custom application development, and Desktop application development, Platform OS Migration or Enterprise Mobility Solutions Complete and integrated process covering development, testing, debugging, and promotion of all applications on different mobiles like iPhone, Blackberry, Android are undertaken by these service providers which makes it easy consumers. With the mobile app developers’ programming skills, businesses can launch mobile solutions and web interfaces optimized…

Hyderabad – The Place to Go to for Quality IT Training

Hyderabad, state captial of AP, India has emerged as a hub for software and IT-enabled services. Hyderabad is home to many Indian IT firms along with a multitude of global IT companies who have setup their development centers. Inumerable IT organizations, consulting firms, BPO firms and other technological services firms have opened their headquarters and/or facilities in the city since the 1990s.

Is HTML5 Development Proving to Be a Risk for Flash and Silverlight?

HTML5 is a groundbreaking upgrade to how the web was being presented and can serve to be an effective game-changer to the era of web application development. So where do RIA technologies like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, etc., stand?

What Makes an E-Learning Development Process Efficient?

Have you ever wondered how the most successful E-Learning developers create courses that meet learning objectives? It all boils down to having an efficient E-Learning development process in place. Having an efficient process for any project you take on is important to the outcome of the project, and this is especially true with E-Learning development.

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