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The Five Must-Have Joomla Extensions

Joomla! Has become one of the world’s most popular websites for open source content, which is available to both developers and non-technical users. This powerful tool has made coding in HTML obsolete. The “module” strategy allows for quick changes to be made to any website.

Visual Web JSF

Auto Validation is a method/process to check each text fields automatically for the success or error message and throwing the message according to that. This document shows the process to be followed to do the automatic validation to the field and send the corresponding message.

Three Programming Languages and Three Source Control Systems to Ace for Your Job Interview

The other day some people who participate in forum discussions asked me this interesting question: what if you are in the market for a technology job, what are some of the technologies in demand these days? When it comes to programming languages learn Java, C, C++. When it comes to source control systems learn svn, vss and cvs.

The Future Of Mobile Software Development

A process in which apps are developed for portable devices is mobile software development. During manufacture the applications may be pre-installed on devices, or may be downloaded from App Stores, Android Market or other mobile software platforms by users.

Choosing a Programming Language to Learn

What programming language do you want to learn? In theory, this seems like the simplest of questions you could pose to a computing student or programming enthusiast. In practice, however, this is a hard question that requires careful considerations before an answer can be arrived at!

How You Can Become a Microsoft Excel Consultant

I was asked how to become an Excel consultant by someone outside the industry. They asked me because I am a Microsoft Excel consultant, and because of that they felt that I am qualified to provide advice. As such I have written this article. It is primarily written for someone that knows Excel at the beginner level. Reading this article should provide you enough guidance to begin your journey to becoming a Microsoft Excel consultant.

How To Write Better Software

I have read articles on model driven development, agile development, use cases, UML, BPML. I have even taken classes in some of them. I have seen so many people trying to find the holy grail of tools and techniques to gather user requirements and model a solution. I have worked at places where some of the techniques were used and you know what? In a lot of cases, the solution and/or applications that were produced were not much better than the places that used none of these techniques.

You Can Learn Software Development

If you’re interested in developing software for a living, or as a hobby, there is a lot you need to know. But do not get discouraged. Like anything in life, with the proper commitment you can do anything you set your mind to.

How to Write iPhone Apps For Developers

Moving to a different application development language can present certain challenges. Developing applications for a mobile device is a very different experience altogether. In the following article, you’ll get an idea of what it is like to develop iPhone applications.

ASPdotNET for Web Development

This article summarizes how is used for web development. IT also summarizes the advantages of using this platform.

UML Modelling: Activity Diagram

UML is a Unified modeling language. This UML language consists of several different types of diagrams.

Open Source Development: Seven Most Useful Open Source Systems Ever!

This article lists the seven best open source software systems of all time. Thanks to the efforts of various open source software campaigners, today we have open source software for performing all the tasks that paid software can perform.

Major Benefits of Outsourcing Your Java Application Development Project

Java application development is in great demand. But the rates Java developers charge in first world countries are astronomical.

Secrets of Database Code Optimization

The pressures on database developers have never been greater, and modern requirements for database efficiency are becoming more intense. SQL is a complex programming language, and the variability in the language can make for inefficient execution.

10 Web Extensions for Designers and Developers

One of the biggest reasons that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have a combined 340 million users is their ability to run third-party extensions. These extensions have a variety of functions, ranging from blocking advertisements to displaying the weather. Since there are hundreds of thousands of extensions available, each user is bound to find at least a handful that can enhance their web browsing experience. Web developers are no exception, and there tons of extensions out there designed to make their lives easier. Here are the ten best:

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