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Grails Developers

Grails Developers are the ones who all helped in making the open source web application framework Grails a reality. This was known as “Groovy on Rails” previously.What were the Grails developers trying to accomplish here though?

iPhone Application Development To Beat Everyone Down – Why?

‘Is there anything better than iPhone Application Development?’ That has been the bone of contention for iPhone programmers and application developers worldwide.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich: More Than an OS – New Features and Functionalities

Launched last month, on Oct. 19, at a joint Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich event in Hong Kong, Android 4.0 – code name “Ice Cream Sandwich” (or simply Android ICS) merges the advantages of a smartphone operating system with the benefits of a tablet OS. Even more, it combines the features of Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) with the functionalities of Android 3.2 (Honeycomb), plus numerous updates (more exactly over 4000 updates).

The Job Description and Qualification of an HTML Developer

A typical HTML developer who can land up a job has to have at least more than three years of development experience for some decent offers. The developer is required to have ample knowledge about strong HTML, CSS table-less design and Javascript and even should be well versed on how to design intuitive site functionality, and a user-friendly interfaces, and seamless navigation.

Creative Programming

Programming is something which is in the intersection of creativity and science. Effective programmer are the ones who blend both.

Great to Use Less Framework to Produce Web Content for Multiple Devices

The aim of Less Framework is to reduce development and maintenance effort of web content for different devices. Layout of Content for multiple devices feel consistent and efficient to upgrade.

Why You Should Choose PHP for Web Development

PHP is a great web scripting language. Facebook uses PHP so it can’t be that bad, right?

How to Export A Chart From Microsoft Excel to Microsoft PowerPoint

Excel is a powerful yet easy to use spreadsheet program. In many cases, Excel charts can be created to visually display complex information to the users. Excel 2010 has powerful new features to create impressive charts.

Switching to Visual C Sharp Programming From Visual Basic

If you’re used to programming in VBA or VB and you’re having to switch to Visual C# programming, this article will explain the new things you’re going to have to get used to. These include ending lines with semi-colons and having to use the right case. Programming in Visual C# (or C Sharp, as it’s sometimes called) takes a bit of getting used to, but is surprisingly similar to VB programming.

Seven Advantages of Online Learning

Are you concerned because you have failed to complete your education due to some personal problem? You need not worry anymore! Online learning now offers a more effective way of imparting education to students than the traditional method of classroom teaching. I have discussed below the seven advantages that online learning provides to all types of students.

Windows 8 and the Future of .NET

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is definitely going to include more support for HTML and JavaScript. Official press releases coming out of Microsoft regarding Windows 8 development include little mention of the role .NET technologies will play in the future of the operating system and, by extension, Microsoft itself. It feels like .NET might be under threat of slipping into irrelevance. Some may believe this as fact, but that outcome is definitely not a predetermined foregone conclusion.

Maximize Your Revenues With Simple Chess Tournament Registration

An increasing number of professionals have started adopting the new online method of registration to streamline their overall workflow. Everyone knows that the manual registration system involves lots of pen and paperwork. You have to make large number of registration forms, help the registrants fill them up, and finally assign a date to submit these. You also have to hire volunteers to help you manage the chess tournaments, look after the seating arrangement, set the tables and chairs, and finally welcome the chess players and other visitors on the tournament day.

Trends and Practices in Silverlight Development With Silverlight Developers

Silverlight is Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash featuring cross-platform compatibility for the creation of RIAs. The trends witnessed related to Silverlight development have been drastic in recent times!

Why Do We Like Chatbots?

What is the appeal of chatbots? Why do we feel the need to speak to a computer?

Programming Languages – What Different Programing Languages Do

There are so many programming languages out there – this article considers what a programming language is, and gives you a flavour of the ones available for use, including Visual Basic, C#, JavaScript and SQL. The example I use is how to display a message on screen in each language. If you want to learn to write programs, this article will give you a taster of what VB, C# and other languages look like and involve.

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