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The Impact of Cloud Computing on The Education Sector

The Impact of Cloud Computing on The Education Sector Embracing visualization / cloud computing is one of the biggest requirements for almost every public and private sector, provided one understands how this remarkable setup is benefiting each industry and how it will be the core operating base for the entire market in the near future. The evolving technological environments at job places, Internet and almost every other aspect of our lives has lead to schools and other learning institutes think along the lines of enhancing their curriculum with education on latest technologies, software, hardware and IT services. However, IT…

Your Website and You – Helpful Web Design Tips

As a sometime web designer (I prefer the term “web monkey” myself), I’d like to pass these helpful tips on to other sometime (and just getting into the game) web designers everywhere. We get it – you built a website that looks nice on the front-end and that’s all the client should really care about. However – this doesn’t necessarily translate to “Easy to maintain”, especially if you get hit by a bus or your client calls you 6 months later and wants you to add more stuff to their website.

iPhone Application Development – Everything You Need to Know

So you want to build an iPhone application but you are unsure as to how to go about it? You are not alone. First and foremost if you are going to consider iPhone application development you must become familiar with the Apple iPhone and all of its functions.

Extending Mainframes Into the World of Cloud: The Business Angle – I

The IT industry has constantly evolved along with the ever changing technology. After having harnessed the potential of the internet, it is the cloud architecture that is currently being discussed in the IT business race by with it’s new standards.

An Introduction to Eclipse Java Xtends

If you are a proficient Java Eclipse developer, you might have noticed some shortcomings that this tool often fails to address. Now, using Xtends, you can rectify those shortcomings of your apps and can satisfy your application users in a better manner.

Zooming in UIScrollView

A Brief Overview: So today I will be telling you how to zoom an image present in UIScrollView. UIScrollView is a subclass of UIView and thus it also has Multi-Touch supported. We’ll be using the Multi-Touch to zoom into an image(UIImageView) present as a subview of the UIScrollView. We’ll also need a delegate of UIScrollView. Delegation: It is a design pattern to easily implement custom classes. So let’s get started.

Most Challenging Graphic Designing Elements for Creative Output

We can describe graphic design as the development of scheduling, planning, coordinating, selecting and organizing a series of elements to generate visual objects intended to correspond specific messages to definite groups. The main utility of a graphic designing company will then convey certain information through graphic compositions, which are made in reaching target audiences through different media such as brochures, posters, flyers, etc…

Solve Your Programming Queries With Custom Software Development Company

With the global technological development, internet has helped the entire world to stay webbed. Online presence of a company is an effective tool for staging trade towards growth and profit. In order to get cost effective and quality ways for developing websites, it is always beneficial to go with the offshore IT development companies. These days numerous trading companies are expanding their business ends with the help of software development companies in IT sector.

X Commerce – A Daring and Innovative Initiative by eBay Inc

The giant e-Commerce company, eBay Inc, recently took over Magento. Magento is one of the world’s most widely used open source platform for Web development. The takeover was an attempt to produce an innovative and highly flexible platform for developing e-commerce websites.

Cocoa Bindings

In this article, we’re going to explore Cocoa Bindings. Cocoa Bindings are a great way to give your end users more functionality and more flexibility replication while simultaneously reducing the amount of code. That’s a win-win situation for everybody.

5 Touch Screen Applications

Touch Screen Controllers enable you to monitor system status, control applications, send and receive alarm information and much more. Touch screens provide a convenient and easy to use interface and are ideal for a wide range of applications. They can work with programmable controllers or PC based systems over Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol. This is a list of some applications that use touch screens.

Database Technology for Real-Time Analysis and Control

Selecting a database technology is often necessary since most organizations need to store massive amounts of process and commercial data. A relational database may be appropriate for some systems whereas a process historian database may be better for others. Different databases often need to work together. Learning differences between databases helps in selecting the best database for your situation.

How Apps Changed the Entertainment Industry

If there’s one thing that modern society loves, it’s entertainment. And, because we equally love smartphones and convenience, it only makes sense that Android apps would make their way into the entertainment industry. From artists to television shows, there are several ways that a mobile app can enhance the overall experience of the viewer or help the artist increase their market visibility.

Sports Apps – Enhancing the Fan Experience

Sports fans are an interested bunch, as they often live and die with the success of their favorite teams. And, when they have the ability to get more information than ever before, you can count on a “rush” of users that will make even the most veteran app programmer green with envy. Injuries happen, news breaks in an instant, and there is little that super-fans won’t do to get these details earlier than anyone else.

Winning a Cloud Race in Ten Simple Steps

There are two ways to win a techno race – to run faster in the crowd or to step in a new direction. Some biggest wins have being coming from the strange places: a garage (Steve Jobs), a laptop in the plane (Bill Gates), a bicycle shop(Wright bros.) Check the Discovery channel ‘Inventions that Shook the World’. The Big Theme. I’ve had my share in doing strange things in weird situations and here my strange results: I’m flying in the Cloud for a while now in my Jetpack.

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