Playing Around With ChatGPT – OpenAI Team Strikes Once Again!

ChatGPT is another AI in OpenAI’s quest to build the perfect artificial intelligence. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response.

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All right so for today’s video we’re Going to review this essay about Giraffes that Chad GPT managed to write Well no not really but it’s quite Fascinating and it’s kind of scary to See that there is an AI so capable right Here that high schoolers all around the World can start using it and literally Just cheating their way through their Entire schooling system why because not Only you’re able to write an essay about Giraffes you’re literally able to do Anything on this platform which makes it So so cool so welcome back to the nxt’s Guide channel I’m going to explain Everything you need to know about chat Gbt in today’s video and if you enjoy it Subscribe for more daily pretty cool Content out there so chat GPT is out There it’s created by open AI themselves And it optimizes language models for Dialogue so they’ve trained this chat GPT bot which interacts in a Conversational way so I can tell this Guy Um nice essay right but I don’t like the Ending Could you Try again okay so let’s see what’s gonna Happen right here uh it’s very Conversational and as you can see as You’re gonna see right here as it starts Writing it’s going to come out line by Line so it kind of looks like he’s

Talking right sure here’s another ending For the essay overall drafts are truly Magnificent animals that are worth Learning about and appreciating and as You can see they added some more stuff Right here right despite their Vulnerable status you know it’s right It’s just admitted its mistake and just Continued moving on and created me Another outro thanks uh but the intro is Not good uh could you make it again okay Let’s see let’s see what happens right Now is it going to change the intro the Initial intro or the giraffes are Fascinating animals but you know okay Here’s a revised introduction for the Essay now it remembers that I asked it For an essay it remembers the previous Intro and it changes the intro to Something else completely alone so is The isn’t this really cool isn’t this One of the coolest things you’ve seen And let’s see what you know while this Essay is actually writing the uh writing All of the uh inflows and stuff let’s See what else this thing can do so if You have you know a code problem right This code is not working like expect how Do I fix it right so you send chat GPT a Code right here and chat GPT responds It’s difficult to say what’s wrong with The code without more context can you Provide more information about what the Code is supposed to do and what isn’t

Working as expected also is this the Entire code or just a part of it so this Is a question the chat GPT asks Completely alone to find more Information about everything going on Now the user says it’s just a part of it The error never surfaces I think there Is something wrong with the channel Right chat GPT says it is difficult to Say without more information about what The code is supposed to do but you know One potential issue it gives you the Issue right which means that the code Could potentially hang if the you know This channel is never written to and Then it says to fix the issue you could Close this channel Channel and for Example you could add the following line Of code after the line that sent the Error on the channel close result work Here this would ensure you know and it Literally solves your problem for you Now I wish I knew a little bit more About programming to explain to you if Is this good or not but in any case like You can get this okay so here’s the Revised intro really cool this is the Revised Intro by the way and this is the Initial intro that was out there so Really cool stuff and I bet if I asked It to you know create another essay for Me it would do that very quickly but I Can ask some other stuff you know if you Need uh ad copies or add scripts or

Something to uh you know to uh to use For your creatives for your ads for your Content of whatever else going on on the Internet you can literally just type in Uh can you make me uh script uh for uh You know lava lamps okay let’s say You’re selling lava lamps on the Internet or to somebody else and you Need a script for something that’s going To convince the person to buy a lava Lamp okay here’s a script for a short Video that already I didn’t even mention The video nobody knows I’m talking about A video then here you go have you ever Wondered how a lava lamp works the Camera shows a close-up of a lava lamp With the wax slowly moving up and down Inside each lamp there’s a glass Container filled with a clear liquid and Brightly colored blacks it tells you all Of the camera shots in literally all of The narration that’s going to be going On in this ad What how can a thing like this know all Of these all these sentences all of These words open AI are absolutely a Crazy A group and as you can see it’s Literally a perfect ad about lava lamps Now uh this is a feedback button right So if you have feedback for the AI to Help it grow even more you can write Down the ideal answer but I’m not going To do that right now because there isn’t

An ideal answer when it comes to writing Scripts you know everybody can write Their own script there’s a lot of Different types of scripts you can write Out there and in general it is uh it’s Something that you know is more Subjective than objective so I’m not Going to give any any inputs but you Know you can make it write a song for You as well right uh write me a song for Example about uh Horses okay happy horses I don’t even Know let’s let’s just see what happens Right here because I did test out these Nft uh Builders before AIS that are Going on as well like Dali right which Is probably a video that you that you’ve Seen before Um and it’s pretty cool because all you Do is literally just type in a sentence And it creates nft images based on that Sentence but this is even cooler because You’re getting whole sentences coming Out right look at this happy horses Running wild and free main flowing in The breeze grooves pounding on the Ground they’re a sight to see chorus Right happy course is all so bright Bringing joy to everyone in sight their Spirit is contagious and they show us What it means to be happy horses and This is a legitimate song okay even Though you know it’s maybe you would Have to put it into Rhythm you would

Have to get some music about it but come On uh it’s just some pretty cool stuff You can maybe even ask it uh write me a Song Of your choice right Let’s see what the AI actually chooses To create itself right and you know While while that’s going on right here I’m just going to show you the methods That they’re actually learning to Reinforce this uh knowledge of the AI Itself it’s called reinforcement Learning from Human feedback and Basically it’s the same methods as Instruct GPT but with slight differences In the data collection setup so what Happens is data demonstration data is Collected and trained in a supervised Policy right so a prompt is sampled from The Prompt data set and then you give Traits and punishments teach the actual Ai and then the input or the data is Actually used to fine-tune the GPT 3.5 With supervised learning step two is Called to collect comparison data right And train a reward model right so where Every time a good answer is given out uh A labeler writes the outputs from best And worse and the data is used to train The reward model as well and lastly you Have the policy against the reward model Using a PPO reinforcement learning Algorithm which uh you know for example A new prompt is a sample from the data

Set PPO model is initialized from the Supervised policy the policy generates An output the reward model calculates a Reward for the output and the reward is Used to update the policy using PPO now There is a few limitations but let’s Just see what the new song okay so they Just you know created a song called love Never Fades and you guys never should Forget this is literally a AI writing All of this stuff right here that is What makes it so incredibly cool uh you Can just do pretty much anything you Want if you need help Um can you help me With my math exam let’s see what happens There okay because this is even though It’s really cool it is literally quite Dangerous for high schoolers out there Right because I would be abusing this if I was still in high school just to just To write all of my all of my essays and Everything but uh okay let’s see I’m a Large language model trained my open Ai And I don’t have the ability to provide Assistance with specific academic Subjects such as math okay so this is Cool it provides general information Assists with writing tasks but no Ability to provide personalized tutoring Or academic help which makes perfect Sense however if you’re looking to write An essay uh About Mesopotamia for example right some

History essay or whatever this thing is Just gonna literally rate it for you so It does make a lot of things easier for The average high schooler but the Average high schooler that knows about Chad GPT already has enough internet Knowledge to you know get to it itself So for me you know it’s not a bad thing At all because it just shows how Intuitive these kids can actually be now Open air itself conducts fundamental Long-term research towards the creation Of safe AGI and they have created a lot Of different Milestones daily creates Images from text clip connects images And text you have image GPT you have Jukebox and a lot of different stuff Right here right like solving a Rubik’s Cube with a robot hang to happen like Three years ago so chat GPT does have a Few limitations uh which you can check Out on the official website right here Which I’m going to leave down in the Link below open AI but I do advise you To check it out in the description below Make an account and start experimenting Because it could help you in your day Day-to-day work so thanks for watching Another video here’s your Mesopotamia Results right here if you enjoyed it Make sure to drop a like subscribe to The channel drop a comment down below With your favorite thoughts and opinions And lastly I’m not a financial advisor

You should your own due diligence before I’m asking if anything in the blockchain Crypto or nft world so thanks for Watching and I’ll see you guys in the Next video now go ham on the chat GPT See you guys

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