OpenAI’s ChatGPT takes on the wild world of crypto trading – get ready for the ride of your life!

In this video, you will learn about how to trade crypto with chatGPT using the pair trading method on trading view. we gonna trade BTC and ETH on trading view using chatGPT and see how we can make money with this A.I bot. We are looking for arbitrage in crypto using chatGPT.

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0:00 – Crypto Trading with ChatGPT
3:10 – Crypto Trading Script
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Let’s turn this the script at the Dutch GBP in crypto trading into uh this where We can do pair trading between Bitcoin And ethereum and basically sell here and Once the Gap closes you close the trade Let’s do another example let’s get Started crypto trading with chat GBP GPT That’s the name so what we’re doing Today I have been playing around with This uh jet GPT in the last I don’t know Two weeks or so and it’s been Mind-boggling still trying to find the Best optimized way to actually trade uh Crypto using GMX 10 trading fee discount Below so a lot of people professional Traders are using This strategy pair trading in the stock Market and I was thinking how can I Actually do this and bring that into the Crypto world so first of all I asked Chat GPT uh crypto pair trading script So before the script I just answer the Following questions so let’s get started Bad trading is a trading strategy that Involves uh taking a long position in One asset and short position in another In the same or similar sector in order To profit from the price different Differential between the two assets for Example Trader might take a long Position in Bitcoin and simultaneously Doesn’t say a short position in ethereum In order to profit from the price Difference between the two

Cryptocurrencies what does it mean let’s Say you don’t aim for the moon within This one you just aim to capture one Percent a day one percent movements and Just uh compound that for insane gains Basically over the long term that’s your Target you don’t uh try to time the Market just go long 50x leverage don’t Do that you just basically you go long And short together whenever it’s called Like the rubber band trade you can Search above it but basically that’s What it is so let’s say ethereum and Bitcoin both of them uh fell a lot let Me show you both of them fell a lot but I’m gonna show you how exactly if you Took a short Bitcoin in here and long it Yes you will be down on it but you will Be more profitable on on bitcoin and That’s the spread and once this uh Rubber band closes which is still open Uh then basically you close the train You wait for another opportunity I’m Gonna show you how how to enter this Trade how to enter this script and this Is just the first video the second video Actually that I’ve done about jet GPT But I’m Gonna Keep exploring this maybe Do more indicators Etc etc So how do we do that basically to create It you just do step by step just follow The robot to create a script for better Trading on trading view I’m gonna show

The script in a second you would need to Use the point scripting language and Apply the appropriate logic logic and Calculation to identify assets you want To trade calculate price differences Determine okay engine exited that keep In mind this is just a general overview Uh the thirdly test you need to do back Test I’m not gonna do it but you can do It can you make that script I’m sorry I’m not able and this is the key I’m Sorry I’m not able to create custom Program script but this is what I found Out when when the AI said something I I Realized I don’t know if it’s true but I Think there’s two different Uh softwares inside one so the first one Is this one chat this is like the The main Hub okay but if you want to go A little deeper and do custom scripts Coding and all of that there’s another Tab which is right here uh playground Okay I don’t know if they have a dark Mode haven’t found it yet and in the Playground area okay I went here and I Write I wrote make Point script for pair Trade Arbitrage on crypto with Buy sell Signals okay so basically you’re looking For an Arbitrage uh basically for pair Trading that’s what you do you’re not Aiming to get uh 100 x 10x you don’t aim To find the bottom or tops you just aim

To find the spread between those two go Short in one and go uh long in the other So you lose Less on one and you make More on the other okay we’re gonna do This on a couple of time frames in a Minute uh and this is just Bitcoin in it I haven’t searched others but I will uh You see so let’s say uh okay we’ll get There we’ll get there let’s finish this First So he did uh the playground did this uh Script will monitor chat gbt playground The the script the script will monitor The spread between two crypto assets for Potential Arbitrage opportunities it Will use a pair trade strategy to buy The undervalued asset And sell the overvalued asset to take Advantage of different in prices let’s Also make sure I’m recording And then it says to take advantage of The different price and then he just Gave me the code version 4 study Purchased Arbitrage over late so I’m Gonna show you how to enter that in uh In trading views inter input pair one to The top or two total calculate the main Price of each and you just put this and Then upload the spread and then signal For when to buy the undervalued asset And Buy Signal cross over zero spread Sign I don’t know what it means because I’m Not a coder uh or developer so I went

Here I went back to the chat and then I Went uh back then and asked him tell me About this code and then I just uh Copied the the code from the playground And this is what he said This code appears to be a script for Trading view platform that is designed To identify upcharge opportunities in a Fair trade of two crypto assets the Script takes the user specif specified As it is input and calculate the spread Between other Crossings at the time use A series of calculation to identify Potential Arbitrage opportunity such as When the first asset is underpriced and Second asset is overpriced a script also Plots signals on the chart to indicate Potential entry and exit points for Trade keep in mind just the general Interpretation and you need to and I may Not be able to provide it okay what time Frame is best to use it the time frame Best to use it how it depends on number Of factors best for trade at the one Minute five minute ah you can ask him But basically it says it depends either Might prefer to long time friend daily Or weekly Which crypto should I put in this chart The choice of which crypto asset to Include in this chart will depends on Your individual goals such as aha Bitcoin ethereum or trade gain Understand deep Market okay I focus on

Broad ranchers basket of crypto Basically said again it depends best Assets is to include the would depends On your goals risk Etc can I can I add a Buy and sell signal it’s not possible to Modify and add a buy and sell signal so We have to do it manually I’m going to Show you in a second what percentage and Then he didn’t understand my question And then which coins are called coined Degraded he also said it depends and the Code doesn’t work but then the answer is That it does work you just have to play With that that being able to see the Code is the script available only for Bitcoin the script provide is available For any uh two crypto so let’s get to it Okay let’s remove all of this I’m gonna Show you how to do it uh research chart Uh remove everything okay do I need to Remove it no I’m just gonna uh click Here let me just uh yeah okay so you Click here uh open this one Pine editor This is the code ah can I make it a Little bigger sure Make it a little bigger sign that I Think there’s an error I need to talk to The stick ah maybe those errors will Give me uh basically buy and sell signal Okay good to know but first all you have To do is uh well I’m gonna try and put This I don’t know how to I’ll put it in The description I’ll put it in the description of uh my

Uh my YouTube video if you like Subscribe all that good stuff uh trade With GMX link below but basically you Just uh click add to chart I already Done that and basically it’s right here But but then I only have Bitcoin okay And I I can add all the rest I just Cleaned it uh Bitcoin here and of course If you don’t have trading view I will Link in the link below as well there’s Like 30 days free trial or something and Then I just click here add the ethereum Okay I change the color for ethereum That that doesn’t matter you can do Whatever that you want the key here is Uh basically to find when they have a Gap so if I’m going for the hourly okay Let’s do something more uh because the Bigger the the longer time frame it’s More accurate so the one hour time frame Let’s start uh with uh basically uh Let’s go for or you know let’s go here This is nice About a week ago December 7 you see we Are really really in a big big uh get Now again you don’t know that because You don’t live in the future so Basically let’s go let’s be realistic You’re looking for a big gap for more Than one percent you see they change it It’s not numbers anymore it’s percentage So if we are here this is the same level Both around the negative 162 right here See the number doesn’t matter price

Doesn’t matter uh 162 and then ethereum Took a giant uh dip Two three and then you see I turn right Here at around 3 40 three and a half Percent negative but Bitcoin is a 166 Negative so what do you do you Simultaneously go long it okay and then Simultaneously you short Bitcoin so it You went uh long at negative three and a Half percent and you close the trade When they are here at the same level Sure you didn’t catch all of that but You closed the trade in here at negative Uh zero zero point three So you made positive 3.2 percent on uh On ethereum This is December 8th it’s December 7th So 3.2 percent on it And it went short here 169 You went short Bitcoin here at uh 169 Let’s say 170 You close the trade again let’s say 0.3 Percent for uh for both of them okay So 1.7 uh 1.6 let’s say let’s say again Let’s uh you took the trade here Minus 1 6 and minus one three so you Lost 1.3 percent on bitcoin but you gain Free let’s say three and a half to zero Point three you gain 3.2 So 3.2 minus 1.3 uh that’s uh almost two Percent you made one point nine percent Profit in one trade which in one day one Point nine percent on a trade that’s Nice you don’t aim to gain all those uh

Uh massive gains and get liquidated the Next day so this descent is the same and You see there’s a little grip I’m gonna Test it out I’m looking for at least one Percent uh Gap so you see here uh Bitcoin is zero eight eight let’s say Eight seven and ethereum is at negative Two percent you go along You go longer ethereum you go short uh Bitcoin so you lose a little on bitcoin Uh but you’re making more on it and once Animaka you decide to close the trade uh First of all uh you you need to make a Decision when to close the trade I need To do back test and all that uh let’s do Example recent example from the crash Yesterday Let’s see what we got in here so this is The same okay 537 And then you see uh Bitcoin went to like Seven percent and it was still at uh 4.75 so the trade was to short Bitcoin Okay around here there’s a big gap I Don’t know if you cut caught all of that But let’s say you got it in here short Bitcoin at let’s say 6.3 And longer eat at let’s say 475 give or Take so 6.3 we are short and we’re Closing the trade when it’s the same Okay we’re closing Trend six point three Uh to let’s say uh three and a half to Make it uh nice to uh to make it nice 6.3 minus three and a half is uh Basically almost three percent 2.8

So you made a 2.8 percent in this nice Uh like an hour trade 2.8 percent on uh On bitcoin but you lost when did you Open the trade in here I because you Went short here and you went long uh it At 4 30 but you closed it at 3 3 20. so You lost 1.2 you made 2.8 that’s another 1.4 percent That’s great and now is there a trade That’s good that’s what you need to do Over one percent a day I will keep the Day jump away what do we have here we Are now at uh 0.478 plus and Bitcoin is at uh 1.6 That’s a trade uh that’s a trade if you Feel comfortable with only one percent Uh basically one percent Gap right one Point uh seven let’s say 0.4 uh it depends on your risk level and Then you just wait for it to go up you Take long it you take short Bitcoin and Once the pad closes at around uh same Level You close the trade uh and you wait for Another opportunity if this was valuable All the links will be below you can Trade Bitcoin and ethereum on GMX with 10 of trading fees I will keep playing With chat gbt GPT and see how we can Make money I will leave this script uh below it’s Not hard to implement you just need to Play around and uh it takes time it Takes time I’m still learning about this

AI uh powerful machine and how we can Make money uh with crypto with jet GPT Thank you I’ll see you guys next time

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