Object method in JavaScript (defining a function as an object property)

PSD to HTML – Reasons For HTML Coding And Ways To Select Your Providers

There is a change in the requirement of website designing; as a result there is a shift from PSD to HTML. Earlier Web designers created images using PDS which were later converted to HTML code to be used for web page template or blog theme. Hence XHTML coding became a necessity for web site designing. To create impressive and expressive template for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento etc. based websites, there is a need for PSD slicing, CSS markup and HTML…

How to Launch Parental Controls for Mac OS X Leopard

For Mac OS X Leopard users, you can use parental controls to help prevent your little kids from accessing inappropriate content on Internet websites. The followings are tips about how to lunch parental controls for Mac OS X Leopard.

Transform Word to PDF

The Word to PDF Converter enables you to transform Word to PDF with minimal effort. No matter PDF newbie or professional can create your own adobe PDF easily.

How To Remove Links From WordPress Theme

This article will cover the most common links people may or may not want to remove from there WordPress Blog. Removing The Encrypted Links that come with free WordPress themes and are usually found in the footer and or the meta area of the WordPress Blog. To effectively remove these links you should be knowledgeable in different website programing languages such as HTML and PHP coding and de-coding. Always Make A Backup First.

How to Use the Command Prompt to Work With Java

This tutorial will show you how to run Java on your computer using Command Line. 1. To use command prompt for java, you will have to install the JDK…

Do I Need to Test the Automated Tests?

Automated software testing can be expressed in different forms in terms of objectives, approaches and implementation. But the main point is: automated tests are software modules that allow to verify the behavior of the application under test for compliance to requirements or providing enough information to carry out such verification (performance tests may content oneself with the giving out of statistics, which then analyzes the person). The key point is that the automated verification – are essentially the same software as the application under test, which means that automated tests in the same way may contain errors of implementation…

LAMP Application Development: An Overview

LAMP which means Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl, has been in news lately. LAMP application development has picked up steam again as more and more companies prefer it to some ERP solutions. Linux is a widely used operating system while Apache is a well known web server.

Develop Your Software Offshore

In today’s networked environment, one of the advantages is that you can grow and develop your organization with the help of corporate entities which may be located in any part of the world. Offshore application development is just one of the ways in which this connected environment helps businesses to forge ahead while minimizing expenditure. Offshore application development is a method of contracting the design and creation of particular software applications to an offshore developer.

Observer Pattern Applied: Solving Sudoku, Easy Ones

We solve Sudoku by following certain routines in our mind. Thus we have to apply handful of patterns to solve each of these routines. I am taking just one of these patterns good enough for solving easy ones and delve in to detail.

Content Management Systems For Keeping Your Website Fresh and Updated

CMS development is one of the easiest way of keeping your website updated and the content fresh. There are other benefits as well, read on to know them.

Contracting Software Development

Software Development Contracting is an agreement a company enters into with a developer company to create and configure software for its purposes. Software Development Contracting is fraught with inherent risk so before embarking on any sort of project or assignment it is always better to enter into an agreement in the best interest of both parties. A lucid agreement where the terms, conditions and scope of involvement are clearly understood avoids diatribes and hassles down the road.

Benefits Of Software Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become an integral part of business operations and the reasons are not far to seek. It is a popular business practice nowadays especially with those organizations that are into information technology. It makes solid business sense to outsource software development to countries that have a considerable amount of talent in this sphere and execute the services at a far lesser rate.

Ruby on Rails – Short Review From Fans

Ruby is a programming language as old as Java. Despite it isn’t as popular in the early years of its development. Ruby is a dynamic object-oriented scripting language. Ruby is aimed to combine all advantages of all scripting and programming language over the world.

Jquery AJAX With ASP NET MVC Framework Development

Asp.net programmers company has a most appropriate technology for creating strong active and scalable Web applications. It is a .net application development company which offers asp.net 3.5 MVC web hosting application.

How To Make iPhone Games

Learn how to make iPhone games that people will love. Covers the programming, design and what you will need to get started making gaming applications.

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