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Heather lee or kisses from lynn away the Company behind the menial project and i Want to show you today a couple things About the mean network the mean network Is a set of tools and services that lets You manage host and get insights about Your main stack application so just Let’s check it out so I go to mean I 0 / Network and I can log in with this user Okay so I see your presentation of the Applications I’ve installed locally and In in the future we’ll have it also in Development and production but you see Here I have two applications t1 and t2 And they are related to these two Applications here now my user the user That’s logged in with the users that has Been registered to the main network with The mean register command and you can Check if you’re logged in with the mean Who and I commands I see that i’m Currently test to real innovate one of These two applications now let’s see What this thing can do so if i go to t1 Let’s run this mean application and Basically there are several thing this We i can see that I’ve run this Application several time today several Times today because you see these Different sessions either sessions of Gulf each time gob went up and around I Have a register this session this Session is also if i go to my actual Mean application here and i just click a

Couple of routes if you see here in the Logs you see that a new session was just Created ok right now inside sessions This is the z 2 eb hf ok and i also see That a those kind of clicks were Registered so if i go here and i just I’m going to edit That content you see it immediately is Registered here and in order to view This specific article you see the actual API that are called the exact same thing That our car registered inside its Console so basically we’re sending all Of the logs in real time to this Dashboard in the me network once they’re In there is all kind of cool things you Can do with them I can go and if i’m Debugging something so got i can right Here these annotations got here yeah Till here okay okay or maybe am working For team and i want to take all of this Stuff and simply create a gist file out Of that stuff and just share it with my Team members so it’s pretty cool you see That each one of the lines inside the Locks I have the count of work how the CPU and memory there was in that Specific issue okay so the second thing As we look at the me network is the Events so the cool thing about these Events you see here I read this article Okay and I as I submit this article Another event is going to be registered I can have different packages can

Register different events and if I come Here and I upload a new image it Immediately is registered into this Event so this was a very brief example Of what we can do with the mean network And stuff like searching inside here or Stuff like a the ability to filter if I Go to the events and different type of Events okay so we’ll dive deeper in Additional videos by just want to give You an idea Of what this mean network is all about See you around

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