Mobile Development for Travel Industry

With the advent of smart phones and high-end mobile applications, our travel experience has become more comfortable and easier. Travelers carry their smart phones with them simply because they can access internet through these handsets whenever they want.

Social Media Plug-In For Joomla

These social media plug-ins for Joomla are free and easy to download and install. Any Joomla administrator can include these features in his Joomla website.

Flash Development for Social Networks

If you want to flash your website then do it with Adobe Flash. Throughout the world, Flash is used extensively for the purpose of adding gloss and interactivity to websites. Just hire Flash developers and you will see the difference it brings to your website.

Offshore WordPress Development Services

WordPress has become the favorite content management systems in the world. There are thousands of blogs and websites, which use WordPress. These include company blogs, personal blogs and websites.

I2C Protocol Subtleties, Part 2: Missing START

This is the 2nd in a series of articles on the more subtle aspects of the I2C protocol (which cover TWI and SMBus implementations as well). In the previous article, we discussed the basic hardware and software approaches to implementing support for I2C, as a Master or as a Slave. This article will discuss the Missing Start error condition.

How Is Software Testing Done in the Real World?

This is a simple question to ask but a complicated one to answer. Every piece of software is different, and can evolve on its way from development to the store shelves. This means that every game, word processor, user interface, and web browser has been tested on different systems to calculate both reliability as well as appropriate use.

How to Prepare for J2ee Interview Questions

J2EE acronym for Java enterprise edition, is today one of the most sought Java platform due to its various high end features which were absent in Java standard edition. This automatically has increased the demand and popularity of J2ee platform in the market. Thus you would find that during any Java based technical interview, recruiters are asking most of the questions on J2ee, to check the acumen of the candidates.

What Is SugarCRM?

Does this sound sweet? SugarCRM is an open-source software-solution vendor and is also known as Sugar Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. SugarCRM development is extensively used by businesses to streamline their customer management processes.

Drupal: The Technology for Medium Businesses

Drupal is one of the best development platforms for small and medium businesses. The robustness of the platform allows for its extensive use.

J2ee Interview Questions

Java is both a language as well as operating platform. Java itself is categorized into three different groups namely core java, advanced java and J2EE java. Out of these 3 categories of java, core java and advanced version of java comes under Java standard edition while the J2EE version comes under enterprise edition.

Advantages Of Java Programming In Software Industry

The Java programming language is exactly what programmers had been dreaming about. It gives you the space to create complex software applications without too much hassle and is nearly error-free.

Benefits Of PHP Programming In Software Programming Industry

Software development industry is booming rapidly day by day. This article describes the profits of PHP programming and its features in Contract-To-Hire software industry. Software development industry is booming rapidly day by day. This article describes the profits of PHP programming and its features in Contract-To-Hire software industry.

SocialGo – Social Network Maker Review

SocialGo is the answer for many today who wish to create their own professional-grade social network designed for their particular interest, business, or group. A social network is of course, a group of people united by their common cause, business, or interest.

Gain More Benefits By Hiring iPad Application Developers

iPad development is not an easy task. You need domain expertness and experience. You have to hire an iPad developer for your iPad development work and the best choice is outsourcing companies.

Artificial Intelligence Software Needed to Turn Pictures into Sketches

Often the best programmers of Artificial Intelligence need a new concept to work on, something which will challenge them, make them think, and hopefully once completed lead them to a place of better financial position. The other day, I was discussing with an acquaintance his hobby of sketching. Interestingly enough, I have sketched for years off and on.

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