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Choose the Best Drupal Development Expert to Avoid Painful Deployment Experience

There are some qualities of a good Drupal development expert that you should know before you choose an open source expert. The role of your open source expert may vary widely depending on the industry and the size of the project they are tackling with.

Flex Development: For Power Pack RIA

Flex development being the most preferred app development solution is just the right thing when the demand is to have a cross platform rich Internet applications. With RIA you get to work your apps just like desktop apps with extra efficient features like flexibility and interactivity.

Leverage the Capabilities of Drupal With Drupal Development Experts

Drupal has been causing rage over the entire IT industry with its powerful capabilities to build enterprise applications and social media applications. With its flexible, convenient and scalable platform, it has gained a valuable proposition in the global market.

PHP Language: Foundation of Open Source Frameworks

Ever since the introduction of PHP in the year 1995, the language underwent a considerable transformation. By this day, PHP acts as a foundation for various open source platforms. Needless to say, this server-side scripting language is most widely accepted programming language across the globe. Read the article and know more about the PHP and its various attributes.

Is Drupal Really Complicated?

This is often a question that comes up when someone starts to compare the Drupal CMS with other competing platforms such as WordPress or Joomla! The answer is two-fold. Yes, implementing a site in Drupal takes a sound understanding of Drupal’s architecture, but managing a site once it is configured is not at all difficult. Drupal was built to be incredibly powerful and flexible, which means that setting up a Drupal website can often require a Drupal developer.

Myth and Mystery: Java Applications for the Android Platform

The world of mobile apps underwent a drastic change following the launch of the iPhone and the rate of change continued unabated with the advent of numerous android devices including many Android-based tablets and smart phones. But change is often a painful proposition and moving from the then common Symbian platform to the new age Android devices rendered many existing applications useless.

Wind Tunnel Wall Interference Of VTOL Aircraft in Hover Flight – Computational Airflow Modeling

Although the phenomena of wind tunnel wall airflow interference is well known, especially when the size of the model is large, the speeds are slow, and the tunnel is small most mathematical computational models deal with these challenges as they relate to VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft as a function of pressure change as the airflow comes back to interfere with the relative wind flow in the wind tunnel itself. Let’s talk.

Android Vs iPhone, Which One Is Better for Medical Mobile App Development?

The war between Android and iPhone, the two major mobile app development giants, is never going to stop. Both are one of the most preferred mobile operating systems and therefore, each is trying hard to beat another in terms of number of users and apps developed.

Yii Framework Features

Yii PHP Framework made web 2.0 development simplified with its great features. Read more…

Drupal Development and Ecommerce

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems and web design platforms these days. It is an open source CMS and allow the users to download its modules at free of cost. Apart from, it allow users to add multiple features and functionalities to their website. You can easily set up a website which is in line with your business goals.

Embedded Software Development: Testing Your Software

It is very important to test the software as it gives an assurance to the business owners that the embedded software development has been carried out flawlessly by keeping the current trends in mind. Thus, most of the business owners like to get their software tested after the software development is over.

IT Outsourcing: How to Choose “Golden Mean” Between Cost and Quality

According to a survey by HfS Research, 43% of IT buyers described their decision to outsource IT and business processes for cost-cutting reasons as “mission critical”, whilst a further 44% said cost-cutting was an “important, but not critical” reason behind the move. Buyers rated other operational and strategic drivers behind their IT outsourcing decisions as less critical. More than a third (37%) of buyers said that it was “mission critical” to outsource IT services in order to obtain “greater flexibility to scale operations”, whilst 34% said IT outsourcing was equally critical in order to meet regulatory or other compliance standards. On a strategic level, 24% and 22% of buyers respectively said that gaining access to talent and new technology was a “mission critical” driver behind outsourcing IT.

Leading-Edge Computer Programming Strategies – Mocking Your Objects

This article introduces the concept of unit testing your code along with mocking frameworks. These mocking frameworks allow your code to be properly decoupled so that you can properly “unit” test your code.

Powerful Website Presence Needs a Powerful CMS to Back It Up!

Content Management System is the backbone of a website. You need a rich and powerful content management system integrated on your website to help you reach the users the dynamic way. What else… let’s find out!

Learn FPGA Design For A Pleasant And Hassle Free Working Experience!

There are very few technologies which get approval from people and last for years together. FPGA design has put web application and designing to a new pedestal.

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