LWC Foundation 11 – JavaScript Array Methods – reduce(), sort(), every()

How to Get Started in Java Programming

If you have decided to learn an object oriented programming language like Java, you might be exited and want to start right away. In this article I will show you how to make your first simple program and run it on your computer.

Remote Database Administration Service Can Solve Your Needs

The globalization has taken place, and the outsourcing and IT operation has become omnipresent. The term outsourcing indicates a process through which the project can be relocated outside the boundary of the corporate culture. Generally it deals with a third-party merchant.

Java Quick Starter

Jqs.exe is the Java quick starter. The Java quick starter assist your PC in performing Java related tasks.

New Mathematical Algorithm Needed to Defeat Incoming Swarm Ordinances

It would seem to me that the future of warfare will be that of robotic swarms of UAVs or missiles attacking our Navy ships and aircraft carriers. You can also expect that when the US Army is going to defend a country or region, that they will be the target of a barrage of rockets, or incoming swarm of robotic munitions of death. Therefore, we need a better system, and a way to target each one of these incoming objects.

And The Baby Is Born: Welcome HTML5

“No question, the world is going HTML5,” said Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer at Gartner Symposium. Google’s Eric Schmidt called it “the next step in browsers” while Apple’s Steve Jobs bluntly claimed that it “will win”. But what is this all about?

How to Buy Scripts Successfully

There is not only a great quantity of websites to confuse you on the way but also there are not so great quality scripts to satisfy your needs. So it’s maybe easy to think of buying scripts online but not so easy to actually find the right one. Above all if you want to come out on top with success, you should stick to two rules; be 100% sure and specific of your need and look for the right place to get the right scripts.

Agile Development and Compensation

How can the often overlooked compensation for success when using Agile Software Development methods be addressed? What is the difference in outcomes between a successful sprint or iteration and an unsuccessful iteration? Are sprints/iterations really just a short death march?

Program Testing And Debugging

Testing and debugging refer to the tasks of detecting and removing errors in a program, so that the program produces the desired result on all occasions.  Every programmer should be aware of the fact that rarely does a program run perfectly the first time.  No matter how thoroughly the design is carried out, and no matter how much care is taken in coding, one can never say that the program would be 100 per cent error-free.

Detect Graphics Card Programmatically Using Visual Basic

Is it possible to detect the graphics card name from .Net code? Yes it is possible using WMI. But you need to reference the System.Management and import it.

Outsource Software Development – Cut Your Development Costs

Outsourcing software development, one of the world’s great success stories, is an accepted business practice with a huge number of IT based companies. Developed nations invest in developing countries because of the vast talent pool of highly-skilled software programmers that some countries have, together with a well-established and develop IT infrastructure.

Data Warehouse Development – Get Knowledge From Your Data

A data warehouse is the area where the critical data of a company is stored. This could be historical or current, but confined to data through which a company can statistically analyze the trends and patterns of the environment in which it operates. Data warehouse development facilitates adjustment of rules and policies, and product and service innovations with the intention of gaining a decisive advantage edge over competitors in the same industry.

Java Technical Interview: Tip and Tricks

A technical interview is the most crucial round out of the whole recruitment process. Although there are many other rounds before the interview like a written test and a group discussion in some cases, the interview is the most feared one. And why shouldn’t it be, after all the feeling that the fate of your career lies in the hands of a single individual sitting on the other side of the table can freak anybody out.

How to Practice for a Java Technical Interview

The most tensed and perhaps the most feared round during the recruitment process of an IT company is the technical interview round. Just imagine, you’ve just cleared the written round and just when you were about to get happy your mind if clouded with all the random questions an interviewer might ask you.

All What You Needed to Know About Technical Interviews

The most feared and deciding round in any recruitment process is the technical interview. Imagine in a room just you and the interviewer, just one no from him/her and your chances thrash down to the minimum.

Silverlight 4: The Web Gets Closer to the Desktop

Released on April 2010, as part of the Net framework, Silverlight 4 focuses on creating rich business applications for the web, aiming to extend its capabilities into the offline environment. Running mainly in web browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari), Silverlight runs smoothly on Mac, Windows and even Linux OS (thanks to Moonlight). Even though is thought to be a “subset of WPF”, the fourth version of Silverlight is more than that, thanks to features such as: “Offline DRM”, “UI control”, “run desktop program” which offer developers the best out of the two world: browser and desktop.

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