Let, var ,const variable in javascript langage

Some Amazing Uses of the PHP Programming Language

PHP programming language is an amazing addition that has enhanced the quality of web pages. Here are some of its great uses that you might not be aware of!

10 Tips for Designing Great Web Applications

The success of a web application depends on it providing a great user experience. You don’t want to frustrate new visitors so they give up and go elsewhere. You do want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to find their way around to locate the information they require. Once you have convinced visitors to sign up or pay for a subscription, you don’t want the user interface to fail them at the last minute by being too strict, too slow or too complex.

Last Minute Checks Before Deploying Your Website

Web applications are complex entities which involve many different kinds of technologies working together to deliver a good user experience. Just changing one thing can have a knock-on effect on something else which will cause the user a nasty error page which is meaningless to them. Hopefully, in most cases, this error page would at least be replaced by a simple message stating that “something has gone wrong”. That is at least accurate, if not helpful!

Biometric Authentication on IOS Swift for Creating Personalised Customer Accounts

Apple’s Swift perfected a few technologies that were lying with latent potential over the years, which will change the B2C interactions in a revolutionary manner. One can see the sixth sense technology finally taking wings and making unprecedented mark on customer’s shopping experience.

Managing Customer Privacy With iBeacon & The New IOS Swift Codes

As the iBeacon technology holds the world by sway with its ability to make accurate analysis of consumer behaviour, privacy remains a looming issue that has to be addressed. The BLE technology which is the underlying technology for iBeacon has streamlined interactions and increased business focus for retailers.

Top Reasons Why Should You Consider Hiring a WordPress Developer

With the availability of development tools and resources demonstrating the process to develop a site, it’s not surprising to hear people calling website development an easy job. But, in reality, developing a website is an art that requires plenty of skills, coding knowledge and expertise. Of course, a professional might still find building a site a hassle-free task. However, novice developers or individuals are likely to encounter several issues during the process.

Skills Required to Be a Good Java Developer

Developing Java requires a very high level knowledge in programming. You also require long and hard working hours. Information Technology plays a major role in java development.

Best Place to Learn Programming

Nowadays, Programming is not just for computer geeks anymore, it has become a “must have skill” to stay in the market. Coding is an incredibly much valuable skill for employers and members of any business team. With programming, you can make your own website, mobile app.

Is Your Website Ready for 2016?

You launched the website last year and expected a huge success. Leave apart an overwhelming hit; it did not get even a lukewarm response! Isn’t it quite surprising and disappointing? Yes, it is! However, the majority of website owners experience the same thing because they do not optimize it

Why Do We Use Django For Python?

Django can be defined as a high-level Python Framework that helps the users to come up with faster as well as cleaner development along with some realistic designing of websites. Developers today prefer to use Django over Ruby on Rails due to certain reasons.

Effectiveness of Appium in IOS and Android App Testing

Most of the apps make use of Internet browsers and the web technologies, also those native apps over Android and iOS. The efficacy of testing these types of apps differs extensively among the users, what frameworks and the tools that are being used.

Mobile App Testing and Your Enterprise

With the advent of smart phones and the advancement in the mobile technology, people are using the device more and more for the purpose of communication and for accessing the web. Statistics show that in the near future.

Why Would Companies Hire JavaScript Developers?

Companies are of late putting more emphasis on hiring JavaScript developers. The businesses are nowadays spending a good deal of money, time as well as efforts to recruit talented JavaScript developers, especially the younger and fresher ones mainly for their quality of expertise and because of the fact that they are in tune with the latest technology and trend of development.

Six UX Tips That Should Be Remembered

Every good web designer knows that his work lies in constant trying to ensure an impressive user experience (UX) and encourage users to achieve their goals. Today, there are so many modern trends focused mostly on providing an astonishing design for webpages and applications. However, in order to impress users with these tendencies, it’s so easy to make a big mistake and concentrate on innovations without thinking of proper UX.

Python Frameworks and Their Real World Usage

Python is a language which has gained a stupendous popularity in the industry within a very less span of time after the magical touch from Google. With the unladen swallow project, the speed of the technology has increased around two to three times.

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