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Tokyo Scrum User Group

This was a travel article I wrote about visiting with the Tokyo Scrum User group back in 2010. I also did a number of seminars.

Hire a Drupal Web Developer For Effective Drupal Web Development

Drupal web development is all about providing exclusive and unmatchable features and functionalities. With Drupal as a content management system, you can customize your business website with some amazing features like modifying the layouts, allowing users to register on personal accounts, rich graphic user interface, RSS feeds and innovatively displaying the menus of the website.

What Is a Quantitative Developer?

A quantitative developer, or quant dev, is an individual working at a private fund (often a hedge fund), an investment bank or other asset manager, employed to implement quantitative/financial models or quantitative trading infrastructure. The term is extremely diverse and covers a wide spectrum of responsibilities. At one end quant of the quant dev spectrum, developers will be tasked with taking a mathematical model already designed by a quantitative researcher and implementing, maintaining and optimising the model in production code.

What a WordPress Designer Should Know

A blog is an easy way to share information with the public about a business or industry. If someone wishes to modify a blog’s presentation and appearance, they can seek the services of a WordPress designer to make it a reality. Website owners can get an idea of blog styles they find appealing for web site customisation through WordPress software and calculate a budget to create a professional-looking blog.

WordPress – The Most Popular CMS!

Word Press as the leading designing and publishing tool for websites is well-known than earlier CMS like Joomla and Drupal. In a similar vein the development of Word Press has become an inspiration for other start-ups. Changing gears in bringing talent from external developers is also the part of their future endeavors.

3 Tips for Learning a New Programming Code

Learning a new programming language, if you already know how to program in a comprehensive language like C, C++, Java etc, is not difficult. That’s because the concepts and principles of pretty much all languages are the same, they are used to instruct the computer to do meaningful things to the programmer. Computer (programming) languages are pretty much like human languages but they are a little bit more explicit.

The Importance of User Experience in Enterprise Software Development

By definition, user experience (UX) serves to make the software development experience meet the goals and needs of both the users and the business. User experience designers (UXDs) work throughout the development cycle to measure and improve the average user’s satisfaction level from using the product. Enterprise software is defined as software that performs core business functions like inventory management, customer order flow, and financial reporting, and its deserved reputation for eluding user-friendliness presents a special challenge for UXDs.

Stand-Out Custom HTML Forms Using CSS

The contact form – nearly every website has one. Every website I’ve taken on has requested one. So many forms I’ve seen are generic, coded almost out of duty rather than designed with pride.

Professional Website Design Is Essential for Your Business

With a strong web presence being a make or break standard that all businesses must attain in order to thrive; outsourcing web design for maximum effectiveness is the smartest option. Optimize your time, investment, and web presence through a professional web design.

Android App Development Tutorial – Best for Novice Developers

Android is a big name in the Smart-phone industry these days and with the introduction of different models of Smart-phones, the need for android applications are on the increase. This has compelled the developers to produce high quality programs in such a way that Smart-phone users all over the globe can be benefited. Android Apps are more on demand as compared to other competitive ones due to the fact that some of the giants in the mobile phone industry offering Smart-phones at competitive costs have entered into agreement with Android Inc.

Web Site Design Fundamentals

Keep It Simple Stupid or “K.I.S.S.” is one of the most important rules of web design. One of the biggest mistakes in designing is over-clutter or just too much happening on any one page. Do not forget that you can use as many pages as you need. So, do not be afraid to use more pages in order to reduce the clutter. Try not to make the mistake of thinking more means better. In almost all cases, less is more or less is better. Outline the layout of all the content before you decide the layout.

Microsoft Access at the Crossroads

Fifteen years ago, when a small company created a new administration system, the obvious choice was Microsoft Access. Of course, one could have chosen dBase and Delphi. But MS Access seemed the best option – not that it was necessarily the best development environment, but the size and clout of Microsoft was a highly persuasive argument. If Microsoft did not get it right at first, they would eventually get there. Nowadays, 15 years later, Microsoft Access is no longer the obvious choice. Much has happened in the intervening years.

Excel VBA – Making Life Simpler in Daily Tasks

VBA is a robust programming language created by Microsoft for automating and replenishing current MS programs like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook etc. Few people know that VBA can be very helpful for small businesses because it provides economical automation solution for tasks like invoicing, report generation, presentation preparation, data analysis, mass calculations etc.

Day Three in Chennai, India – A Labor Surplus

This is an article that has some of my thoughts after originally landing in Chennai, India. This was part of a trip to do software process consulting around Scrum.

Programming – How Is It Done?

The reader is going to learn about programming in any computer language. It is about programming in AutoLISP, Visual Basic, etc.

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