Learn Control Flow | If … Else, and Switch Statements | Beginner JavaScript Tutorial

QuickBase Product Release – New Number and Date Formats

One downside to QuickBase for users outside of the US was the date format. New product release from QuickBase fixes date and number formatting issues.

Six Things to Consider Before Developing an App

Mobile apps are growing to be very common and, more and more people are getting involved in developing these apps. Mobile apps are gaining popularity among end consumers and, is useful if you wish to keep your consumers engaged.

Why Choose Data Cleansing? Here’s Why!

Data cleansing is the way to find and put right, or remove, dirty data. Dirty data is anything irrelevant, incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate in a database (or a record, set or table). The process of data cleansing results in data sets consistent with the other sets in the system.

Visual and Codeless Programming

Academically visual programming refers to programming using graphic notations instead of text coding. The industry has not adopted a visual programming because of two reasons.

Professional eBook Conversion Services for Writers and Publishers

The article educates the readers about what are eBooks and eBook conversion services. It further lists the benefits of eBook conversion and concludes by listing the benefits of hiring an eBook conversion specialist.

Few Tricks To Hire PHP Developers For The Non-Techies

A PHP developer always plays a very crucial role in a particular organization. But hiring the ideal PHP developer for the organization is not always easy. This article would help the readers with the selection of the right PHP developer for the job.

3 Types Of Web Application Architecture

We’ll outline 3 main types of web architecture and discuss their advantages and drawbacks for three points of view: software owner, software contractor (developer) and end user. There can be other types but they basically come down to these three as their subtypes.

How to Boost Up Your Website Load Time

With the increased speed of internet, internet users, who could tolerate the long load time of the websites, are decreasing. Eventually, load time has become predominantly important for all the websites.

Excel Training Should Include Plans for File Formats

You might be amazed at the different file formats that you can utilize when getting Microsoft Excel to work for you. These include formats that go well beyond the traditional formats that you might already utilize for specific versions of Excel. These include other kinds of files that you can load up or save through Excel. An Excel training program can help you take a look at what you might utilize when getting such a system ready.

An Overview of the Services of a Mobile Application Development Company

These days, mobile phones have become part of our life and mobile apps of smart phones have a lot of utilities for our daily life.There are different range of services from a mobile application development company for better monitoring and management of users, content and apps.

Agile Dedicated Developer Teams

How to make offshore or nearshore software development outsourcing more reliable? A possible answer can be dedicated developer teams combined with Agile methodology.

Best JavaScript Tutorial Guide for Beginners

JavaScript is basically a programing language created by the company Netscape. The language has gained quite a lot of popularity in the recent months as it allows the web developers to modify the browser actions as well as the contents of the site in such a manner which is not at all possible using the traditional HTML tools or even CSS.

What Is Ensemble?

If you are interested in a career in IT, you may have seen advertisements for Ensemble developer jobs but are unsure about what exactly Ensemble is. This is a fairly new development in software and is widely rated as providing a seamless integration platform to assist with the development of connected applications. It has quickly become popular within the industry and allows application providers to create connectable applications which can share information and data easily.

HTML5: The Best Way to Develop a Mobile Application

The applications market has blasted with diverse versatile makers concocting something new. The android, Simbian, Mango and iphone based applications are popular. All applications can’t be stuffed into one phone subsequently the producers offer sites from where these applications could be downloaded complimentary or for the measure specified.

How PHP Has Evolved?

PHP is an easy to learn language that brings websites to life in numerous ways. It uploads files through a web page, make website searchable and do so much more. In this article, we will discuss how PHP has evolved into the most widely used technology and so much more.

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