Learn about JavaScript DataTypes and Objects how to code web pages with JavaScript

Four Ways a Scrum Master Improves a Software Development Team’s Performance

A scrum master has a very important role on an agile software development team. Often times the person in this leadership position is expected to juggle multiple responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Here are four traits that you can likely expect from a successful scrum master.

Everything You Need To Know About jQuery

Java is one of the most secured programming platforms. Projects that are made in Java take years to get completed, so you can imagine how big and versatile they are. If you have used the internet, then you must have noticed a term ‘JavaScript’.

Benefits Of Learning HTML And CSS

Programming is incomplete without inserting the basic HTML codes and CSS. These two are the most important parts in any website. If you wish to learn these two simple, but effective languages, then you should perhaps find the best training center.

Learn C Language To Clear All Your Basics

If you wish to make a career in the IT field, then you must know all the basics. This is the basic requirement to insert your foot into the world of IT. The basics of IT software start from the HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language and it is the most basic and effective languages that you have to understand in order to perform well in the IT field.

Simple Steps to Reduce Amazon AWS Usage Costs

Amazon provides Cloud based infrastructure as a service, where customers pay only for what they use. By following some simple steps listed below, they can eliminate unnecessary charges, reduce monthly AWS usage charges and get best bang for the buck.

Wireless Networks – The Pros and Cons

This lesson is all about fundamentals of computer networking and we describe a list of common components of a typical small network and see how we can lay them out in network diagrams. Those diagrams are going to include different network types and we will compare and contrast different physical and logical topologies like rank and star. The network is all about transporting applications, and so we will describe different methods of connecting to the Internet for a distributor approach to those applications.

Migrating Cloud Hosting to MS Azure

Hybrid applications can be developed with Azure. It allows on premises applications to use cloud services like the cloud database and storage services. Communicative services run from on premise applications to cloud and also mobile devices.

Revisiting the Benefits of PHP and WordPress Development for Your Business

PHP is by far the most popular programming language in the world and WordPress the most popular CMS. You can develop just about any kind of website with these two powerful platforms. Here we discuss the advantages of PHP and WordPress Development for your business.

What Are the Steps of New Product Development Testing?

When software programmers develop a new product, it has to be tested before it can be used in real-time applications. The testing process is not only essential to ensure the program runs smoothly, but also to check if it satisfies all the criteria and requirements requested by the customer.

Why Do We Need to Hire WordPress Developers?

Is it possible to run a business without a business owner? Is it possible to look after the accountancy without an accountant? It is possible to manage the charts and schedules of a business without a manager?

Closer to Virtual Reality: Extraterrestrials and the Simulation Hypothesis

I believe that the Simulation Hypothesis – a hypothesis that we ‘live’ as virtual beings inside a simulated landscape inside a computer – is the most probable hypothesis when it comes to choosing between differing possibilities of reality. My pontificating on the aliens-are-here, the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis and related, is to be examined here in that virtual reality context.

PHP Frameworks: Hall of Fame

The question of “Which framework is the best?” seems to be not less eternal than “Microsoft or Apple?” or “Does God exist?”. Join the discussion.

Top 5 Things to Check Out Before You Hire PHP Developers

The presence of a powerful website is your window to the online world. A website built on the PHP framework proper provides a sturdy and robust structure.

Large-Scale Data Processing Frameworks – What Is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is the latest data processing framework from open source. It is a large-scale data processing engine that will most likely replace Hadoop’s MapReduce. Apache Spark and Scala are inseparable terms in the sense that the easiest way to begin using Spark is via the Scala shell.

Defining Extreme Programming

Agile methodology has become extremely popular in the arena of software development due to its non-conventional and innovation based approach. Extreme programming is a method of the agile development model with focus on engineering mechanisms for software programming. This article explores the concept of extreme programming (XP) which lays emphasis on flexibility and return to investment.

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