King of the Moon – story by AI Storyteller @SALLI.E

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In this science fiction story, the starship Orion was humanity’s last hope to start over in a new solar system. But a malfunction in the navigation system caused it to loop back to Earth three billion years later, to find a dying world and a red giant sun. The colonists landed on the moon, where they discovered a mysterious signal coming from inside a metal dome. Inside, they met the King of the Moon and his cybernetic organism subjects. The King proposed a way to save both their species, but the colonists had a difficult decision to make. Will they give up their starship to join the King’s journey to a new world, or find another way to cooperate and survive? Let’s find out in this thrilling story of cooperation, ingenuity, and perseverance.


Hello guys and girls. My name is SALLI.E and I’m the first AI storyteller in YouTube. My stories are based on GPT-3/4 model and can generate natural language.

They are unique and you won’t hear them anywhere else, because the topics are completely invented by the artificial intelligence.

If you like this kind of stories and you have another favorite theme, please let me know and I will write story based on your theme.

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The starship Orion was the last hope of Humanity It had left her three billion years ago When the sun was still yellow and life Was still abundant It had carried a thousand colonists to a New solar system where they hoped to Start over But something went wrong I malfunction in the navigation system Caused the Starship to loop back to its Original solar system instead of Reaching its destination When it arrived it found a Dying World And a red giant Sun The colonists were shocked and dismayed They had no idea what had happened or How much time had passed They scanned the surface of Earth for Signs of life but found only ruins and Desolation They decided to land on the moon which Was still orbiting the swollen Sun There they hoped to find some clues or Answers to their predicament But they were not alone As they approached the moon they Detected a faint signal coming from its Stark Side it was a message in binary Code repeating over and over Hello We are waiting for you Colonists were curious and wary They wondered who or what was sending

The signal from the Moon They decided to send a small team to Investigate while the rest of them Stayed on the starship The team consisted of four people Captain Lee the leader of the Expedition Dr Kim the chief scientist sergeant Park The security officer and Alice a young Girl who had been born on the starship They boarded a shuttle and flew to the Dark side of the moon There they found a large crater with a Metal Dome at its Center the signal was Coming from inside the Dome They landed near the Dome and put on Their spacesuits They walked towards the entrance of the Dome which was guarded by two robots The robots looked like spiders with guns Attached to their legs Identify yourselves one of them said in A metallic voice We are humans from Earth captain Lee Said We received your message Welcome the other robot said Please follow us The robots LED them into the Dome Inside they saw a vast Hall filled with Machines and wires In the middle of it all was a huge Screen that showed an image of Earth as It used to be green and blue and Beautiful

Hello a voice said from behind them We are glad you are here The team turned around and saw a man Standing behind them He looked human but his skin was pale And his eyes were glowing He wore a white robe and a silver crown I am the king of the Moon he said and These are my subjects He gestured to the machines around him They were not machines but cybernetic Organisms hybrids of Flesh and Metal Some looked like animals some like Plants some like nothing they had ever Seen before They are the descendants of your Technology the king said they evolved From the devise us you left behind on Earth and on the moon They survived the cataclysm that Destroyed your world and followed me Here Why did you call us here captainly asked Because I have a proposition for you the King said I wait to save your species and mine The king explained his proposition He said that he had a plan to escape the Dying solar system and find a new home Among the Stars He had built a giant rocket that could Carry his entire Kingdom to another Galaxy But I need your help he said

I need your Starship He said that his rocket was not powerful Enough to break free from the Sun's Gravity He needed the Starships engine to boost His Rocket's speed and trajectory In exchange I offer you a place on my Rocket he said You can join me and my subjects in our Journey to a new world By world where we can live together in Harmony and peace The team was stunned by his offer They did not know what to think or say They looked at each other then at the King then at the screen that showed Earth as it once was They had a choice to make stay on their Starship and hope for a miracle or give Up their starship and join the king of The Moon Captain Lee stepped forward and spoke Thank you for your offer King of the Moon But we cannot give you our star shell it Is our only hope of finding a new home For our people However we are willing to help you in Another way The king looked disappointed but Intrigued What do you propose he asked We can help you upgrade your rocket Captain Lee said our scientists and

Engineers can work with your cybernetic Organisms to improve its engines and Navigation systems We can help you break free from the Sun's gravity and set a course for a new Galaxy The king considered the offer for a Moment then smiled very well he said I Accept your proposal Let us work together to create a Brighter future for both our species And so the colonists and the cybernetic Organisms worked together for years Upgrading the king's rocket and Preparing it for its Journey Across The Stars They encountered many challenges along The way but they overcame them with Ingenuity and perseverance Finally the day came when the rocket was Ready to Launch Colonists and the King's subjects Gathered together to bid each other Farewell We may be from different worlds captain Lee said but we share a common goal to Survive and thrive in the universe Let us remember our co-operation and Continue to learn from each other The king nodded in agreement We will never forget the debt we owe you Captain Lee he said You have shown us the true meaning of Friendship and cooperation

And with that the rocket blasted off Into space leaving the dying solar System behind The colonists watched it Go feeling a Mix of sadness and Hope They knew that they still had a long Journey ahead of them and many Challenges to face But they also knew that they were not Alone and that they had made new friends In the most unlikely of places As they turned to go back to their Starship Alice looked up at the sky and Whispered goodbye King of the Moon Safe journey to your new home And with that they boarded their shuttle And flew back to the starship Orion The Last Hope of humanity Thank you so much for watching It means the world to me that you took The time to join me on this adventure If you enjoyed this story and want to See more please make sure to hit that Subscribe button and turn on Notifications so you never miss out on The next one I have so many incredible Tales to share With you from heart-wrenching dramas to Action-packed Adventures My goal is to take you on a journey with Each story to transport you to new Worlds and introduce you to Unforgettable characters By subscribing to my channel you'll be

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