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iPhone Game Development – Top 6 Games Launched in 2011

iPhone users don’t hesitate to download countless games on their smartphone, and the growing demand of games on the Apple store has taken iPhone game development to a new level. Over a billion games have been downloaded till date. A number of old world games are being converted to fit the smartphone format, and inventive game developers are creating numerous new games, keeping the iPhone features in their mind.

An Insight on MCITP Training

The Internet is a veritable source of Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional or MCITP boot camp providers. If you want to harness your skills and knowledge about Microsoft technologies, there is nothing more comprehensive than having an MCITP certificate.

MCITP Training and Career Development

Getting a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional or MCITP training is the best way for you to earn a certification to show your range of skills, expertise, mastery and knowledge of Microsoft technologies. But before embarking on this training, it pays to learn some pertinent information about the MCITP. An Insight on Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Program: Microsoft has been awarding professional certifications under its program, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

Why SEO Is Important for All Web Developers

For many developers, the arrival of SEO has been looked upon as a useful business practice instead of something to be implemented in all page mockup. In some cases, this is completely understandable, since there are other means to drive traffic to a website.

Financial Trading System – Planning and Building One From Scratch

Thinking about putting together a financial trading system for yourself or your firm? There are a tremendous number of places to start, but how do you sort it all out? This article discusses some key areas to consider…

The Glory of the Timestamp

Dealing with dates and times can often be a real headache in the planet of dynamic web development. Your MySQL database has day and time data types that may be extremely powerful – and they must be utilized. Using MySQL in by doing this makes making date comparisons in your SQL queries a snap. Nevertheless, often times a developer should convert that data after it’s been retrieved in the database when using these data types within their tables.

Top 7 PHP Development Books for Aspiring Developers

PHP is a great language for developing websites, and there are a number of ways in which it can be used to create attractive web pages and web applications. This article lists the seven best books that help developers to master the PHP web development.

CakePHP Development – Best Open Source Framework for PHP Web Development

PHP is being widely used by developers around the world for developing websites. The flexibility offered by PHP also makes it a little difficult to handle, and a number of open source frameworks have come up to aid PHP developers.

Trading VBA Development in Excel: How To Do It Right

Coding VBA for trading applications takes special consideration and planning. This article discusses Excel VBA programming and various hints to help you do it right.

Browser Toolbar Development: A Reliable, Secure and Quick Solution

This article is all about toolbars and its features. Toolbars can offer you much more than you think and can even save from Phishing attacks. Custom toolbar development helps function at multiple levels, together. Browser toolbar development is easy, cheap and reliable in terms of security and much more.

Microsoft Framework ASP NET Vs PHP

ASP.NET and PHP are two of the most popular technologies for developing dynamic web applications and rich web services. Even if, as a programmer, you probably have taken on side or another, there are chances that in your work you’ll need to migrate projects from PHP to ASP.NET.

Change the Way You Browse With IE Extension Development

In the never ending browser war, users are confused as to which browser works to their advantage. This article introduces you to a revolutionized way of browsing uplifting those who are stuck with IE and its older versions, through IE plugins development and IE Extension Development.

Semantic Web-Software Product Engineering Services

Semantic simply means “meaning”. The Semantic Web is not a separate Web but an extension of the current one, in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation. In today’s web, most web pages add basic semantics for search engines using the tag; however, they are merely isolated keywords and lack linkages to provide a more meaningful context.

Automated Software Testing a Helping Hand Solution or a Burden Approach

Tracking software errors through automated testing is a quality quantifying method. Though automated software testing do increase efficiency and decreases time usage but debugging the test script and replacing it with a new script requires lots of screening and money. The tools and elements used for Automated Software testing must be performed by an expert in this field which is expensive. The results displayed are reliable and fast.

Computer Programming: Chapter: 02 – Know the Basics

In the previous article Computer Programming: Chapter: 01 – Introduction, I spoke about what is programming and ended it by saying that computers do not understand English or for that matter any language we humans speak. I said that computers only understand the language of 0’s and 1’s. If you have used a computer for any purpose till now, you will not agree with me, since you have been using it mostly in English or any other language that you know. You would have watched movies, listened to songs, created documents, sent e-mails, browsed lot of sites and even you would have read my articles in one of the human readable languages. Also if you have written a program or even seen somebody doing it, you might have noticed that even they have not been using the language of 0’s and 1’s. Even if you agree that there are people who knows this language of 0’s and 1’s, looking at the second important point I said that “The instructions should be PRECISE”, you might be wondering that it will be next to impossible to even write a simple computer program, if what I am saying is true.

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