JavaScript Tutorials for Beginners: Control Flow

Experienced Liferay Developers Can Help Expand Your Brand and Business Image

Liferay portlets development tools are robust enough to meet business requirements for CMS, document management, portal or intranet apps. Skilled Liferay developers can create sites to reflect corporate branding and increase user satisfaction.

Initial Concept for a Stand Alone Website Development Setup

Here is a concept for a website programming and development software that is based on a stand alone Windows PC where you don’t need a website that is on an outside host to do the development. It is a way to show what types of programming is available for doing website programming for others that want to get into this field.

IT Obstacles: Dealing With Problem Sponsors – Myra and Her Unseen Objectives

When dealing with program sponsors there are occasionally initiatives that are not published, and perhaps hidden agendas that can quickly derail an otherwise healthy initiative. In this short article we will review how to spot someone looking to forward a hidden initiative and what steps may be necessary to combat it.

Can We Teach Autonomous Robots to Play Hide-And-Seek and Enjoy It?

The other day, I was having an interesting conversation with a future of AI robotics denier. He was one with his religious belief that humans were the work of god and could never be surpassed by anything that man could ever create. I found this fundamentalism troubling, and also I’ve observed this belief is all too common in our society and civilization these days. Nevertheless, I chose to engage him in conversation, perhaps for laughs or to play a one-ups-man-ship card upon his inferior mental cognitive abilities.

.NET Development – Ideal and Eminent!

Microsoft has been a frontrunner in computer technology and that is a well known fact. What we vouch it for is its age-proof definition of technology and its futuristic offerings.

General Concepts About Object-Oriented Programming

The programming style that we usually call object-oriented programming (OOP) has appeared relatively recently in the history of programming languages. This is a particular and very convenient style for many situations. It was designed to overcome the limits of structured programming based mainly on the widespread use of procedures, functions, pointers or other more or less developed data types.

Inspirational Web Site UI Designs

For a website to be effective it has to have an aspect of functionality. Let’s discuss a collection of widely used Web 2.0 and more traditional layouts in style & personality yet maintaining ease of use.

How to Program In Python – A General Overview for Beginners

Python, a high level language developed by Guido van Rossum, is known for its easy readability. The core philosophies of the language are simple – simplicity over complexity; beauty over ugliness, explicit over implicit and other similar aphorisms.

Benefits of AJAX Application for Web Server

With the increased interest in Web 2.0, AJAX, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is attracting the eyes of the businesses all over the world. The term “Ajax” was coined for the first time on 18 February 2005 by Jesse James Garrett and since then it is being used to create asynchronous web applications on the client-side.

10 Quick Ways To Spice Up Your Website

Is your website outdated and old looking? Don’t panic. Here are 10 quick ways to spice up your website.

Seven Easy Ways to Make Your Drupal Site a Social Climber

Drupal has a social life of its own, literally. And if you didn’t realize it till date, your Drupal adventure remains fragmentary. In an era wherein social media platforms have become alternate business avenues for entrepreneurs across globe.

Business Analysis Skills for Microsoft Dynamics AX

According to the proposed Sure Step methodology of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the analysis phase is crucial for the entire project since it is about gathering requirement details, and then assess them with the help of analysis templates and checklists for ensuring that none of the factors are overlooked. Most Dynamics AX application consultants understand the need of delivering a Functional Requirement Document (FRD) to the client. This document is to ensure that as a vendor, they have looked into the requirements and would require the instructions to proceed from analysis to the design phase.

Ways To Learn Coding IOS Apps

This article talks about some common ways to learn coding iOS. Most people may read a book, read online tutorials, learn through YouTube etc. but what works best? This article attempts to answer this.

Professional Web Development Services for Easy and Quick Success

Do not hesitate when you look out for help. Remember that it is for your own growth and good. Go ahead and seek help from professional web development services today.

Search Engine Friendly AJAX Navigation

AJAX is an excellent technology for providing interactive responsive websites. Most popular websites today use AJAX in one form or another. However, AJAX is an organic technology that has grown out of a need to lever more interactive techniques into a system that was never designed to work this way.

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