JavaScript Tutorial For Beginners: Control Flow

Classic ASP – Any Commercial Advantage?

Classic ASP is getting on a bit now, first released back in 1996 as an add on for Windows NT4, it was then included as part of Windows 2000 and has been included as part of IIS since. It went through three major iterations before Microsoft stopped developing it. Although development on it ceased, it formed the foundation for ASP.

PHP MySQL Development – Best Blend for Website Development

In order to meet with the high preset standards of competition, a website must be well developed and well designed… because let’s face it, online sales and businesses can rocket only by power packed websites! The fusion of PHP website development along with MySQL has materialized an easy and powerful way to create dynamic web pages.

ASP Dot NET Web Development – The Best Option To Choose With Numerous Advantages

ASP.NET web development is highly popular in the industry due to its various advantages. Many companies are looking for secure, speedy, compatible web development, which is very well sufficed by the ASP.NET framework.

Indirect Methods for User Testing During Web and Mobile Programming

In UX designing, the full focus is on your user. You don’t only have to convince him/her to become your customer, but give him/her such experiences through your product that he/she will not even think about using products of your competitors.

Developing the State Identification Game With Microsoft MapPoint and Excel VBA

See how the State Identification Game was developed using MapPoint and Excel. Step by step instructions using Excel VBA demonstrates how to automate the MapPoint mapping application.

Hire Dot Net Developers for Web Based Business Solutions

Microsoft ASP Dot NET is accepted as one of the safest and secured programming languages, and because of this, it’s gained burgeoning popularity and recognition. It is the most preferred option by enterprise level organizations, dealing in quantitative data and information, as it allows enterprises to keep their data intact and flawless. There are plethora of other benefits that you can enjoy if you hire Dot Net Developers. The developers, leveraging the powerful features and tools, can create a robust and dynamic web application for you.

How to Use Algorithms To Write Uniting Speeches for Politicians

It’s always been said that he who controls all the information will eventually control all the gold. I think in the information age, and in the era of big data it is becoming more and more so evident. Those who can comb through the billions of web pages, and tens of billions of tweets will have a pretty good idea on what society is thinking. Having this knowledge over their competitors in business gives them abundant opportunity. The same thing goes for politicians, especially those politicians who have people behind the scenes using all this data to help write speeches.

Browser Custom Toolbar Development – Great Way to Market Your Business

Toolbars have now become an integral part of our browsing experience helping visitors and businesses alike. How these toolbars, offered by custom toolbar development firms, are useful and what benefits it can bring for enterprises and visitors is the topic discussed in this piece of article.

Trash Theories! Try New Methods to Hire Drupal Programmers

Ask any web consultant, he will speak unstoppably for hours about the criticalities in recruitment of Drupal programmers. You will see the extent of his efforts in making you realized that hiring excelled programmers is only a job suited best to him. Though, it is a needful job that need special attention and strict observing eye but is not reserved for web consultants. You can do this by your owe. Therefore, you are left with only two options.

Web Design Company – Choosing The Right One

As more and more people join the online revolution, web design and everything related has gradually, over the last 10 -15 years, become a experts job. There was a time when anyone could have built your website and your potential customers could find you straightaway but…

Display RTF With Images on OSX and IOS Part 1

While it’s easy to display text-only RTF on OSX and iOS – both NSTextView and UITextView will do so – if there are images embedded within the RTF both of the text viewers will ignore the images in the formatted text. Here’s our solution to that problem.

Ship Hull Inspection Skilled Divers To Train ROV Systems For AUV Programming

Did you know there are underwater ROVs (robotically operated vehicle) simulators? It makes sense right, after all if someone is to pilot or operate such an expensive piece of equipment underwater, well, you don’t want them to make any mistakes right? Sure, but what if we used hundreds of sessions of simulator training perfection, along with 10s of thousands of hours of operating uses to program the next generation of autonomous underwater vehicles AUVs?

Interview Clients As Much As They Interview You As A Smart Web and Mobile Designer

As a web and mobile designer I know why clients took some exhaustive interviews to hire me mainly because they want a web and mobile designer with vast experience, skill and creativity to ascertain their success or do the jobs they want as per their needs and in favor of their business to achieve their targeted goals. In due course they arrange several sessions with designers and gauged their technical and mental capacity, their timeline and their costs in order to fix the project in the shortest period and at affordable rates.

Web Crawlers: How Do They Work?

Ever wondered how the web crawlers or the web spiders work? How Google index is built using a web crawler known as Google Bot. Well this post will provide you with an in depth knowledge of how the web crawlers work. In fact you can build a one for yourself from the scratch.

PHP: Best Scripting Languages for Excellent Development

PHP is one of the most worthwhile coding languages, offering the best experience of the development. Reliable framework, greatest security, number of components and tutorials makes this scripting language more adventurous.

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