Javascript Tutorial for Beginners 02 – What is Javascript?

Top 3 Differences Between Audit Command Language and SQL for Data Analytics

The article explores the most obvious differences between Audit Command Language and SQL. It should provide new and fresh data analytics professionals some insight about the next tool they might want to learn.

What Do eCommerce Application Developers Need To Know About Amazon Go?

As highlighted by a number of studies, a large percentage of online shopper abandon shopping cart if the find the checkout process complicated or too long. That is why; the developers have to explore ways to keep the checkout flow simple and checkout process fast to keep the shoppers engaged and persuade them to complete the online transaction. Often developers try to combat shopping cart abandonment by implementing checkout page optimization tricks like keeping checkout process simple, increasing loading speed of the checkout page, providing multiple payment options, keeping online payment secure, and including a visual progress indicator.

Top 3 Differentiating Features of the Audit Command Language

In the data analytics, it is not always easy to identify the appropriate tool for the kind of analytics. In most cases the decision would boil down to the cost of investment. Since that is the case, then it would imply that any tool must have some stand out features in order to justify the price.

Key Pointers to Boost Conversions of Your Magento-Built Online Store

This article details on the crucial factors to consider while planning to maximise conversions of your Magento-built online store. The demand for Magento-powered online stores is rising at an exponential rate because of its advancements and latest editions.

Magento 2.0.6 Security Update: How Magento Is Making Changes to Keep Your Business Safe

Magento has released a new security patch to keep your business safer than before. Learn how Magento 2.0.6 is making your business a safe place for your customers.

Should You Consider Developing A Custom CMS For Your Website?

In addition to keeping the website content and presentation separates, a content management system (CMS) will further help you to manage digital content and maintain the website efficiently. You have option to choose from a number of open source content management systems – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento – according to the nature and requirements of your website. Also, you can consider using a custom CMS to build the website according to the precise requirements and workflow of your enterprise.

How Can WordPress Developers Build The WordPress Website Like A Pro?

WordPress, the open source CMS constantly astounding the businesses with ever evolving technology, tools, and resources. The platform is moving towards JavaScript and Mean technology stack, which proves to be excellent for the website development in near future.

How To Install Ruby on Rails Mysql2 Gem on Windows 10

To install the mysql2 gem in Windows, you need to download the “MYSQL C-Connector” software from the MYSQL website. This contains the C-Header files required to build the gem. Since Windows does not come with these files by default, and doesn’t support a central repository like apt-get or brew, you need to install the library yourself. From this, you can then reference it when installing the gem.

Preventing 3D Counterfeiting To Ensure Royalty Revenue Flow

One of the challenges for writers, like myself, is that when you put forth a digital copy of your work, just about anyone can copy it and use those words or run those words through derivative software and steal it. This is why DRM or Digital Rights Management software was created. Many have considered that such a strategy could be used also for 3D printing code, thus allowing the designer or company owning that product a guarantee of royalty whenever their parts are produced.

How To Implement DevOps Testing

The definition of DevOps differs from one practitioner to another. Some organizations implement DevOps as a practice, whereas others adopt it as a culture or movement. But each organization has to implement a number of changes while switching from conventional software development practices to DevOps. They further have to build an environment where all software development activities – coding, testing, deployment, and release – are integrated seamlessly into a single cycle.

5 Useful App Monetization Strategies

A high-quality app can take a lot of time and effort to code. In order to get a return on this time investment it makes sense to look at the different strategies to monetize the app.

Let’sEncrypt SSL Certificates Tutorial – Free SSL Certificates For Websites & Apps is a “Certificate Authority” – meaning it has license to dispense SSL (TLS) certificates for websites. Because its “free” price would undercut many legitimate businesses, they limited its certificates to a 90 day (3 month) lifespan. This means unless you’re using CPanel etc, you will have to refresh the certificate every 90 days.

Using Github’s “Atom” IDE To Develop Ruby on Rails Apps is what SublimeText could have been – except it’s free, open source and maintained by GitHub. Whilst nowhere near as in-depth as the likes of Visual Studio, is perfect for most amateur developers… indeed many professional devs will benefit from it too. This tutorial explains the product and how it should work.

10 Hottest Artificial Intelligence Applications To Inspire You

Artificial intelligence applications, projects and platforms are being developed in every part of the world today. More and more of them successfully escape lab life and strike mainstream trends, appearing in mass products, online tools and open-source APIs. Artificial intelligence is now more practical and thus really inspiring! You may find AI examples in robotics, healthcare, business and everyday life, in the cloud and on your mobile device.

How Popular Is Drupal As A CMS?

At present, each web developer the has option to choose from several open source content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Blogger. But the choice of content management system (CMS) differs from one website owner to another. According to the latest usage statistics posted on various websites, WordPress and Joomla have a larger market share than Drupal. But Drupal is still more popular than a number of content management systems including Magento, Blogger, TYPO3 and Bitrix.

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