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Debugging PHP Applications Remotely Like a PRO Using Eclipse, XDebug and SSHFS

How did it even come to a point where I needed this? Well, owning a dedicated Debian box in Frankfurt with some 50 websites that tend to have problems from time to time led me to a painful conclusion that debugging using echo statements is better left for high school lessons. If I was left without my debugging setup today I would probably feel like trying to code an operating system in assembly.

The Different Types of Programming Languages – Learn the Basics

The progression of computer programming languages was made possible by the programmer’s search for efficient translation of human language into something that can be read and understood by computers. The languages generated, called machine code, have high levels of abstraction, which hide the computer hardware and make use of representations that are more convenient to programmers.

The Future of ISEB and ISTQB Software Testing Certifications

This is an overview of the impact of the BCS’ recent agreement to work more closely with the UK Testing Board (UKTB). The ultimate result is that ISEB certifications will eventually be folded into ISTQB criteria.

What is Static Software Testing?

Static software testing applies to all software project work items, such as requirements. This article describes the main differences between static software testing and dynamic or conventional software testing.

Software Testing Companies Deliver Quality Software

Ever since we were young we have undergone through tests. It is important because it shows how much we have learned, how much we have retained and how we can apply it. This is the same for software as they undergo through several tests.

Introduction to Computer Programming and Programming Languages

Since computer science was recognized as a distinct academic field in 1960s, it has made great strides especially in making things a lot easier for humans. One of the issues it has solved is the way problems that need to be addressed have been translated into a code or format computers can understand.

Computer Programming Basics – Language You Can Use in Creating Programs

Individuals who want to learn computer programming and the languages that can be used in making programs must first be familiar with the basics. Languages employed in programming should be one of your primary considerations. Prior to creating programs, it is crucial that you know the different types and levels of programming languages.

Computer Programming Basics – Getting Started the Easy Way

A computer program is made up of a chain of instructions a computer has to perform. These instructions may come with other important data that’s needed to carry out those instructions.

Computer Programming For Beginners – The Right Approach

Computer programming is one of the most interesting subjects on earth if you will just take the right approach. Unlike those major subjects in schools, programming has to be treated differently. Computer programming for beginners require that the wannabe programmer has full understanding on how programming is done and what the basics are.

Cyclomatic Complexity – What is it and Why Should You Care?

Learn what cyclomatic complexity is, why it matters, and how to use it to improve your software projects. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds!

What Do You Mean by Software Testing?

Today business can get all dimensions of efficiency when automation is in place and to do so more and more software products are getting deployed which promise to do the required automation. Software is being used in all verticals of the industry like banking, retail and manufacturing.

A Software That Passes Through Software Testing Companies is Bug Free

It is crucial that every software bought has been tested thoroughly not only by its makers but also by the people who will use them. Since resources are limited which is the reason for the purchase of the product, company owners contact software testing companies to do the testing for them.

Software QA Testing Company

There are several Software QA testing company available in the market. It is really difficult to search for the right one. You can choose a company, which has already implemented Test Process Improvement (TPI) inside the organization. It evaluates present status of QA and testing process, as per 20 key dimensions.

Software Architecture Principles

In my day to day role, I am architecting enterprise business applications using multiple COTS product(s) and creating solutions around them. Following are the architecture principles I tend to stick to when architecting solutions.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a series of activities conducted to determine the quality of a software product or service. Software testers perform manual and automated testing to find out errors and malfunctions in a product.

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