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How Hard Is It to Learn Programming?

Programming is widely regarded by most non-technical people as being incredibly difficult to learn and understand, and is only for super geniuses or geeks. While there is some validity in that programming can be rather difficult, it is not a super hard practice that takes months or years to learn. Of course, practice makes perfect, and those added months and years can help you to refine your programming skills and be a better programmer, but starting to learn is not difficult and anyone with internet access and a computer can do it.

Web Design Software Introduction

Web design software is a great way to design your website because it makes things so much simpler for you. With many types of web design software, you could build a functional website within minutes and then keep adding features to it to enhance its appeal.

Java Sample Programs – The Easy Way To Java

Learning java can be extremely complicated. As in many situations it is beneficial to try out the programming on a practical manor rather than reading lots of jargon. Learn more about how java sample programs will assist you when learning java.

Learning a Programming Language

Any computer programming language is generally an artificially designed language which represents the computer computations. These are the medium of communication between the computer machine and its users. Learning a programming language is a complex task and may require a lot of practice and experience to master in it.

A Low-Cost Marketing System Using Your Modem

The computer is now viewed as the most essential business tool available. The only problem is, many businesses buy a computer just for the sake of having one, with no plans as to how the computer will be used. Sure, they start to type letters on it, maybe a few marketing documents, and the customer list goes on it, but that’s the extent of computer use for many businesses. Some don’t even get that far.

AI Programmers Making News Synthesizers and Readers – 2011 Artificial Intelligent News

Did you know that AI or artificial intelligence is getting better and smarter each day? It’s true, and these AI news synthesizers are incredibly advanced. In fact, some of what is to come in 2011, is almost scarier than what is already here and operating behind the scenes.

WPF 4: Selection and Caret Customization

In the past WPF versions, the selection color and caret color for text input and reading controls, such as TextBox, RichTextBox, FlowDocumentReader etc., have been hard coded. WPF 4 includes properties for the SelectionBurhs and CaretBrush, which will enable developers to control the brush used for drawing both selection and carets in a multitude of WPF controls, thus making for one of the great WPF strengths, simple app customization.

WPF 4: Features and Improvements

Windows Presentation Foundation (widely know as WPF) is a Microsoft development platform for building rich client applications. The latest WPF version, WPF 4, brings in numerous new features and improvements at visual and design level that turn a WPF 4 desktop application into a seemingly smooth experience.

I Want To Start Programming – Which Programming Language Should I Learn First?

How about Python? In this article, find out why Python is a great starter language for beginner programmers and what other programming languages you have to choose from.

10 Best Practices to Enhance Software Testing Efficiency

Software testing comes in many forms. From functional testing to regression testing to usability testing, there are literally dozens of iterations of software testing techniques out there. But no matter which form of testing you specialize in, there are several best practices that can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your efforts.

Access Visual Basic and Excel VBA Macros – A Comparison of the MS Office Programming Languages

Most people who program using VBA (or Visual Basic for Applications, to give the language its full title) do so either using Microsoft Excel or MS Access. This article considers the main differences between the languages. The article is aimed at people who already know one of the two macro languages, and want to know what is involved in learning the other, and will be particularly useful for Excel VBA programmers seeking to learn Access Visual Basic.

Guidelines for Advanced Software Testing and Quality Assurance Techniques

The article tries to convey what all guidelines should be followed for advanced software testing and quality assurance techniques. Ensuring both these elements makes the entire Software Development Life Cycle a success.

What Is Embedded Software Testing?

Testing is one of the most important aspects of any industry. It is very important that the software developed has to be tested to make sure it works as per the requirements and standards. It is aimed that the software should give the desired results according to the business requirements and should be free from bugs.

Make the Most of Your Software Engineering

Like watering holes in the African reserves, the job market seemed to have dried up in the recent past. With layoffs rampant, would it seem like a fantasy to learn that in India, the job market has not only shown stability but has also seen a gradual increase?

Software Quality Assurance: A Tried and Tested Formula To Avoid Software Glitches

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) has multiple advantages to its credit such as enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced cost of development & maintenance. This quality assurance testing technique clubs together a wide variety of tasks and activities in the SDLC. Some of SQA tools may be bit expensive but their benefits outweigh the price factor such as improved quality of software and hence customer satisfaction & retention. Well, one must analyze one’s business requirements first & then formulate a strategy to implement SQA.

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