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Advantages and Disadvantagses of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Would Adobe Dreamweaver be a solution for you? Find out what the advantages and disadvantages of using this program would be.

Programming in C

C is one of the oldest programming languages, and it is also on of the most powerful ones. Learning C is a good to also learn computer science concepts because the fact that the language is so low-level forces you to do everything by hand. It can also be optimized well, so good C code is very fast.

What Is .NET? What Are Its Capabilities and Limitations?

Before Learning ASP.NET, you probably want to know what .NET is. This article explains what .NET is from the perspective of a developer.

Careers in Programming

Programming is a good career choice, but it is also a difficult one. Most employers require a college degree, but that is just the start. Since the field of programming is constantly changing, you need to learn new skills all the time in order to stay relevant and employable.

Why I Like Drupal

There’s some words about CMS Drupal and its main advantages for web developers. You won’t love Drupal just having read this but you will be a bit interested.

Is Software Development Beneficial?

The concept of software development isn’t new and most people across the globe are completely aware of this phenomenon. Since its heydays, the information technology is bringing us new software every day. While some software have failed to rule the nations, there have been some which have truly offered the contemporary generation with innovative features.

6 Great WordPress Frameworks for Free Theme Development

WordPress frameworks are a great way to start developing themes for WordPress blogs. Frameworks are designed by other developers to speed up your WordPress theme creation and save you a lot of time instead of coding everything from scratch. They often come pre-made with layouts columns and widget elements already defined for you. Here is a look at some great free frameworks to get started developing themes for WordPress.

Computer Application Programming

Computer application programming is a difficult, although rewarding, sub-field of programming. It is much more powerful than web development because it involves creating programs instead of working with the web browser. However, there are a wide variety of tools and libraries that you need to know beforehand.

My Javascript Mistakes: What They Don’t Tell You in Books and Tutorials

These are some mistakes I made when I started using Javascript. There seemed to be many things that were not mentioned in the books and tutorials I had read.

Getting Started With Programming

Learning computer programming seems like an arduous task, but is actually easier than you think. There are many different programming languages available for you to learn and different types of programming that you can choose between from. Books are often the best way to learn programming.

WPF Overview

Windows Presentation Foundation is a next generation presentation system for building Windows client applications. With WPF we can create a wide range of both standalone and browser hosted applications.

Why Computer Programmers Often Have No Clue in Building Systems

As the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, I am often blown away by the computer programmers of our day who think that they can solve all the world’s problems by designing a better computer system. It’s not going to happen folks, and unfortunately, many of the computer programmers are so busy programming that they do not live out in the real world, and they haven’t done the things that they need to do to understand how to build the best system. Yes, many of them have incredible experiences in multiple industries, and they…

Gesture Technology and User Interface

Like touch user interface, gesture based input is having its moment to bask in the sun. Gesture recognition technology has wide-ranging prospects for the future when it comes to exploring new dimensions in user interface development. Some experts believe that it will transform the identity of coding forever just as touch user interface was able to do just a few years ago.

Oh You Wish All Your Friends On Social Media Were Real Don’t You?

By now I think we’ve all learned the difference between a real friend and a virtual friend or smiling picture on that Facebook page, or at least most of us know the difference, as I am wondering about the rest of the social networking crowd these days. Just as letters are put in a specific series to represent words, and words strung together to represent ideas, concepts, events, knowledge, or thoughts – all these pictures on one’s social networking page are merely representations – but of what I ask?

Database Requirements Analysis for Businesses

Database requirements analysis for small and large businesses alike involves determining what information the company needs to store. You might think of databases as the new version of the old fashioned Rolodex. With either of those, you have information at your fingertips. Of course having the electronic version of the Rolodex is advantageous in many ways.

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