JavaScript map() method simplified for beginners

Java Interview Questions – OOP Concept

Java language is developed using object oriented programming (OOP) concept as its platform. This object oriented programming language concept organizes data into different classes, providing the data proper hierarchy through inheritance mode.

Core Java Interview Questions

Java language was discovered by James Gosling of Sun Micro systems in 1991. Although C, C++ like programming languages were present in the market but due to fix platform constraint, web developers were unable to develop high end applications.

Tips to Crack Core Java Interview Questions

Java today is one of the most popular digital applications in web designing & is being preferred by the layman as well as high end users for different purposes such as in flash video application, 3-D gaming, complex software development etc. So students, java developers, and technical recruiters are producing their own application using java platform. But if your basic java knowledge is not strong then you would not be able to develop your unique application and hence flourishing in the ever growing & expanding IT industry would become impossible.

Basic Java Interview Questions

Java today is one of the most sought programming languages by developers and programmers all over the world. The Java platform is being used for development of all kinds of rich applications in phones, tablets, desktops, speakers & other IT enabled software. Thus, demand for Java developers has increased in the market & everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to secure the job of a Java developer.

Taking a First Glance at The Mercurial Revision Control System (RCS)

The Mercurial system represents the third generation of Revision Control Systems. The first was “CVS”, the second generation was “Subversion”. As new RCS generation appears, people might consider migrating to it. This article gives an introduction to this system.

How To Sell And Market Your iPhone App Easily

More than 30 million smart phones from Apple have been bought to date. With this number, creating an iPhone app is never a unrewarding undertaking. The opportunity to sell them and churn out money online is huge. Once the developer receives the approval to sell, the developer must start promoting it to prospective customers.A number of these apps are incredibly simple and these app creators are living in opulence from the remaining income. This is the moment to join the game and yield out money from the iPhone application scheme.

How To Create Your Own iPhone App Without Any Programming Experience

The past years have shown the advancement of technology especially in the cellular phone arena. Many companies are shifting from social media and websites to the mobile turf. Twitter and Facebook have passed their heyday and this year, the must have gadget is an iPhone app.

Mobile Application Development With Flex

With the introduction of Mobile Application Development with Flex, users have discovered a number of new features and components, which are supported by Flash Catalyst ‘Panini’ and Flash Builder ‘Burrito’. With Flex, mobile app development has reached a new age of advancement.

Make a Career in Java by Joining the Best Java Courses

When looking for making a career in Java, it is best to take a certified course in the same. Java, being the most popular programming language in the current times, is in great demand. Java is a general purpose and concurrent language. It is designed in such a way that it has the least possible implementation dependencies. It is a class-based and object oriented language.

How To Upgrade To WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is available. Find out what steps that you need to follow in order to have a smooth upgrade to the new version limiting problems that you could face.

Outsource iPhone Application Development

Apart from the default iPhone applications, there is constant demand for advanced apps from the user’s end. There are a number of outsource iPhone application development companies, which have dedicated themselves to build high-end apps for iPhones.

Simple PHP

PHP, if you are total computer neophyte like me, stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor,” and it is used for embedding HTML scripting to construct vibrant Web pages. What it does for your Web pages is to improve your web interactivity, and this in turn will greatly increase your website usability.

iPhone App Development Tutorial For Beginners

If you are considering iPhone App Development as a hobby or profession you couldn’t pick a better time for entering the field. iPhone owners show an extremely high interest in downloading and using fresh new applications found in the Apple App Store.

PSD to WordPress Conversions

Conversion from PSD to WordPress is not an easy task, if you don’t have hands in knowledge in this field. However, there are several offshore service providers, who can convert your PSD images to WordPress.

Flash Android Development

Adobe Flash player can be experienced on Android. Adobe has recently declared that they are launching Flash 10.1 for Android 2.0 and above.

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