JavaScript : How to terminate script execution when debugging in Google Chrome?

Run Time Debugging Through Print Utility Statement in QTP

I believe you have used “msgbox” function almost every time for debugging purposes i.e. displaying some text at run time. But the problem with “msgbox” function is that it keeps open till you close it and moreover you can’t debug further, since it’s a modal dialog box. You have to press OK button to move ahead.

Automated Software Testing is One Expense Companies Cannot Do Without

The article shows that even with the cost-cutting measures implemented by companies, Automated Software Testing will always be needed and should never be cut-off from the budget. Everybody is worried, as well as, apprehensive when it comes to the financial status of the global economy for the year 2009. Financial experts have said that the damage of what happened to the financial crisis of the United States of America will be felt next year. Thus, companies all over the world have become more strict when it came to their expenses.

Typical Structure Of Software Testing Process

By and large software development projects proceed as per the following team structure. Team of Feature Owners: It is a top-level team in the hierarchy, which directly interacts with the prospective customers. It is responsible to minutely understand the customer requirements and groups them into several features. Various members in such a team may become the owners of some of such features.

Computer Software Engineers – The Brain Behind the Software

Computer software engineers are people who are qualified professionals working behind the scene to bring us the latest in the software technology. The technology being almost a part and parcel of our daily routine we look forward for their latest development unknowingly.

What is Software Quality Assurance Testing?

There are a lot of terms and names out there that people may of heard of, but they do not actually know what it is or even what it stands for. This just so happens to be the case with Software QA testing. Most people do not ever know what QA testing is.

How Would You Like to Find a Trusted Site You Can Count on For Quality Assured Software Tests?

So, when a company develops a piece of software, they must assess if the product will be acceptable to the users, the users being the targeted audience, purchasers and stakeholders. In the end, software testing is the process of attempting to make this judgment.

Top 10 Concepts That Every Software Engineer Should Know

The future of software development is about good craftsmen. With infrastructure like Amazon Web Services and an abundance of basic libraries, it no longer takes a village to build a good piece of software.

Computer Programming – Some of the Basics You Should Know

A little bit of programming can actually help you in having a good time with your computer. Most people shy away from the word programming – something that we associate with geeks and is assumed to be too difficult to comprehend. We have some tools, we have the mouse and we can click – that’s all we need to know in computers to make it work.

Why You Should Outsource Your Software Testing

Market research studies show that 40% of unplanned application downtime is caused by application failures or “bugs”; 40% by application errors and only 20% by hardware, environmental factors or disasters. Therefore, 80% of unplanned downtime can be alleviated by improvement of IT processes, pre-deployment testing and complete operations training. But not all organizations have the “know-how” or resources to perform the software testing process. Software testing is crucial, but it is certainly not the core activity of most organizations that need it. Outsourcing this process will allow a company to focus on it’s core activities while software testing experts can handle the work proficiently, ensuring quality results. The company will save time and money on a process that would otherwise be too tedious and exhausting if performed internal.

Software Engineering Practice

People who create computer software practice the art or craft or discipline that is software engineering. But what is software engineering “practice”? in a generic sense, practice is a collection of concepts, principles, methods, and tools that a software engineer calls upon on a daily basis. Practice allows managers to manage software projects and software engineers to build computer programs. Practice populates a software process model with the necessary technical and management how-to’s to get the job done.

Software Testing Techniques – Making Sure Programs Work Correctly

For most, testing simply means taking all of the bugs and problems out of a specific piece of technology. However, for those that know technology, they also know that there is much more that is involved in making sure that a piece of software works correctly. The software testing techniques that are used in order to make the most of software is one that will allow for a computer, system or gadget to completely function on several levels.

Software Testing Overview

Software Quality Assurance – Software QA involves the entire software development PROCESS – monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed, and ensuring that problems are found and dealt with. It is oriented to ‘prevention’. Quality software is reasonably bug-free, delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable.

Software Test Plan and Design

The test planning stage represents the need to review long-lead-time test planning activities. During this phase, the test team identifies test procedure creation standards and guidelines; hardware, software, and network required to support test environment; test data requirements; a preliminary test schedule; performance measure requirements; a procedure to control test configuration and environment; as well as defect-tracking procedure(s) and associated tracking tool(s).

Dealing With Delays Impacting Software Testing

This is the stress (no pun intended), of the test execution phase. Not only are you now required to think out of the box in order to complete the testing, but you must also be thinking at a far wider level than just testing. There are actions that can be taken at a project level which can make a massive difference to the work of the testers.

Software Testing Interview Questions

I am not suggesting that these are the only questions that would be asked, but are some samples for consideration. These are questions that I have used when interviewing others: 1. How many test scripts can you write in a day?

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