JavaScript for Beginners Now Offered on Udemy

JavaScript for Beginners is an introductory JavaScript course that will be very impactful for you especially if you are early on in your engineering journey. In this course, you will follow along with other beginner developers as we lead them through the units and will learn a multitude of important concepts starting with what a programming language even is in the first place, and how the internet works giving you a full general picture of the industry to build our knowledge upon.

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For those interested in a live learning environment, we also offer JavaScript for Beginners courses as a part-time, remote program consisting of two consecutive Saturday sessions. The program is designed for those with no previous coding experience and will teach JavaScript fundamentals, as well as provide a broader context to how coding works. The program offers students a launching point to continue their JavaScript studies, prepare for CS Prep, and build a future in software engineering.

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Learning JavaScript Through Networking

One of the most effective methods for learning JavaScript is networking. Attending a JavaScript meetup, attending a panel, or just helping other people is a tremendous educational impact. Learning continues as you interact with others and gain new perspectives. To get started, start with an anagram in JavaScript. Then, expand from there. Eventually, you’ll have your own project! Just make sure you stay on track!

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