JavaScript for Beginners #25 Function Declaration Versus Function Expressions

More About Database Support Service

There are plenty of database support services available on the internet. You can use the help of any company, to develop and maintain a complete database. Every company needs information and details of their clients, business deals, and employees.

7 Tips For Developing Smartphone Apps

Developing Smartphone apps has become an important part of the world of technology. This article is about helping developers develop better Smartphone apps using the 7 tips given in it.

Content Management System: Vital Factors To Consider

Making a selection of an appropriate content management system is challenging. Availability of similar tools in multiple numbers has been the first reason and the second reason is those tools range from top-class corporate solutions that deliver all you might look for down to the inexpensive and free tools you install and maintain yourself. Multiple variety and their competing features appear to be confusing to their buyers.

Agile Or Incremental Software Development: Which Is Better?

There is a lot of debate in software development circles about agile and other project management methodologies. Many articles focus on the merits of a specific methodology. This article examines the idea that a software development firm should be proficient in at least two methodologies and help customers understand the trade-offs between them. Choosing the right methodology for a project, by consultation with the customer, is an effective step towards managing expectations and satisfying stakeholders.

Two Web Development Tools You Need to Know About

Read this article for some great tips and tricks on handy web development tools. This article is a must read if you love web development and share a passion for all things web.

How to Hire Web Developers

This article shows what are the steps to do in order to have a website designed, developed, hosted and then maintained for you. It spots the biggest mistakes one can do and indicates a step by step approach.

Basics of What a “Software Development Life Cycle” Is

A Software Development Life Cycle is a model employed to organize the creation, development, implementation and then finally the retirement of a piece of software. This is a fairly complex area and this article is but an introduction to the subject. This is probably an area that you have not given much thought about before but with software written these days by teams of prograammers rather than by individuals it is vital to have a much more organised approach and a much stronger hand on progress and milestones.

Three Popular Forms of Web Development

This is an introduction into the world of different programing languages. Very interesting read learn some of the ways we are coding websites.

Using Microsoft Silverlight to Develop Rich Internet Applications

Microsoft Silverlight is a recently introduced technology that provides a great platform to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). It can be considered as an alternative for Adobe Flash and Flex as it helps the content to be crawled by search engines easily.

Quality Assurance and User Experience in Mobile Application Development

On a general level, quality assurance (QA) and user experience (UX) for mobile applications work toward the same objectives as when applied to any other software development cycle. QA identifies and addresses front-end design objectives and technical issues; UX focuses on general usability and user expectations. For mobile applications, UX and QA also need to consider a variety of additional considerations such a simpler user interface (UI), interruptible functionality, and a shifting marketplace.

Structured Data Vs Unstructured Data

Most organizations classify all data as either structured or unstructured. Just as the name implies, structured data benefits from being organized and primed for rapid queries via relatively simple search methods. Unstructured data has no inherent structure (although it may be “loosely structured”) and often defies attempts to yield easy search results.

The Zend Developer Pulse Survey – Expected Trends In The Technology In 2012

Zend recently conducted a survey of various developers from all over the world to evaluate what they are thinking ahead for the New Year and how this may affect different technologies. Let us see what the developers think about the coming trends in the technology and their career inclination.

Features of Yii PHP Framework

Yii is a high performance open source web application development framework that uses PHP for creating web 2.0 applications. Yii framework is one of the latest and most highly regarded PHP frameworks available in the market today.

Top 4 Things To Remember for Effective SEO Campaign

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a combination of various activities and steps that are aimed at gaining higher rankings for a website in major search engines. Search engine optimization is now unavoidable for organizations and businesses that own websites and rely on them for their marketing and business purposes.

Some Points to Remember Before You Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Web development industry is growing with a very fast rate. Online world has effected almost everyone today. From kids to aged people, everyone is somehow influenced by the online world.

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