JavaScript – Flow Control: Conditional Statements

Top 3 Responsive Themes for Your WordPress Blogs

Responsive design is considered as Google’s most favored method of optimizing websites and blogs to be viewed on mobile platforms. Firstly because, Google can discover the content of a responsive website more easily and secondly because such sites use single URL for both desktop and mobile platforms which makes it simpler for Google to index the sites.

Five Things That Would Let You Know the Efficacy of a PHP Developer

You may not always be lucky to get the right option for your project development. But you can surely check the ways out to determine the reason-ability of the PHP Developer for your website development need.

Indexing Myths

Myth 1: The Primary Key index must be clustered and unique. Truth: The index supporting the Primary Key must be unique, but not necessarily clustered. Explanation: There are often much better places for the clustered indexes than on the PK.

Regular Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website Design: An Endless Debate!

With the growing number of mobile users accessing the internet, it becomes essential for the companies to provide a more pleasant user experience. This may add to keeping the users engaged with the websites.

5 Reasons Why Some Developers Prefer Developing ASP Dot NET Applications

Comparing two distinctly different programming languages or even two closely associated languages is definitely an exercise in futility. The reasons are simple, why compare French to English or PHP to Ruby, as people differ in their tastes, so do their choices too.

Developing Android Applications With Eclipse – Part 1

There are loads of opportunities that mobile apps development field provides to developers. With sophisticated software being introduced by the minute, we can be sure of many brilliant applications being available to users in the coming year.

Reasons That Will Prompt Your Shift Towards PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language which has native connections available to many database systems. It has many built-in functions for performing many useful web-related tasks. You can connect to other network services, send emails, and work with cookies all with just a few lines of code.

Which Is More Beneficial a Full-Time Mobile App Developer or a Contract Developer?

Today, mobile Application Development has become a necessity for the industries of all shapes and sizes. Many businesses prefer to hire a contract mobile app developer to accomplish their development requirements, whereas others hire developers on a full-time basis.

IT Obstacles: Arny the Super Programmer

There are many Software Development Lifecycles in the market, and most of them are very successful when paired with the right type of project. From the early standard waterfall lifecycles which progress through requirements, design, programming and user acceptance testing to the RAD and agile cycles which are more iterative and allow far more interaction with the programmers and designers, there are still two common threads: 1) someone has to have a vision of what the product will look like, and those translate into some type of requirements and 2) someone has got to write the code.

How to Set Up a Better Career in Coding?

Coders are often afraid and only stay with the tried and tested methods of learning and applying for generic programming jobs. However, the key to success lies in specializing and looking exactly where those particular skills are needed.

Learning to Code: Exploring Different Programming Languages

When someone says programming, what do you think? There are many different options out there, but sometimes it’s best to focus on just one or two. Most projects will not use multiple languages, so it’s better to be proficient in a couple, than decent in a multiple ones.

Code and Code Some More: Acquiring Experience

Learning to program is not something you can learn overnight. It requires time and patience. It also requires that you continually practice your craft, so get to coding!

Javascript Sound

Tips for playing sound with Javascript and recording sound. What I learnt adding sound to a program.

Manage Your Documents Effectively With SharePoint Development

Every organization, regardless of industry, will have a certain amount of data which needs to be kept protected and easily available at all times. Managing the documents is necessary for every organization to run the business activities smoothly.

Properties Of A Good Computer Program

A program can be termed as a set of instructions that help in running things. For a computer to perform certain required tasks, it requires an appropriate program. When correct instructions are fed to the computer, then its performance will at most times be at optimum, whereas the opposite is likely to mess things up.

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