JavaScript Conditionals / Control Flow – Part 3 (Ternary and Logical Operators)

5 Extensions That Will Create a Social Media Friendly Joomla Website

Using such extensions one can attain high traffic on their websites and can promote their products and services extensively. So check out the list of extensions to make your Joomla website social.

Is Pursuing B-Tech Courses Really A Wise Idea?

People having a B-Tech degree are found almost everywhere today but there are only a few who get lucky in their lives and find a job that is worth their time. People who get employed are extraordinary in their skills and studying experience because that is what the big business and other IT industries want nowadays in the people they are interviewing for employment. You can very easily imagine having lots of utensils in your house but if you are the only one who has to eat the food then what is the use of the other utensils until you don’t have any guests in your house? The same way, B-Tech degree holders are in millions but not all of them get a chance to stand by a good job.

Effective PHP Training For Better Career Prospects

PHP training in itself is a great option for anyone who is looking to enhance his career opportunities in the long run. It helps you know more about different database functional specifications. Through this type of training one can easily learn how PHP supports for a superior connection to MySQL. One can even get to know about the process of installing PHP. However, for that you will have to get an appropriate web server configuration. If you wish to make use of Linux and UNIX then you should consider downloading the PHP source code effectively. There are several things which one can learn in PHP training. Some of these things are discussed below.

Computer Science Academic Projects – Key Information On Their Importance

This is a technology driven world in which the students need to learn several computer science skills. The best thing that one needs to do is to incorporate academic final year projects in to classrooms by offering opportunities for the students in order to complete research on several historical figures for creating multimedia presentations and social studies. This article will tell you more about computer science academic projects. There are plenty of things which one must know about this topic. Well, the importance of these kinds of projects is immense.

21St Century Web Designing Courses and Their Scope

Given today’s increasing web traffic and developmental affairs, lots of educational industries have also taken measures to provide worthwhile web designing courses to the people who are interested in becoming a part of this trend. Pursuing different courses can help you hit great job opportunities offered by huge software and hardware companies operating on a global scale. These jobs are highly competitive as they require a constant focus on what new should be developed which will make human life easier and simpler and that is what the web designing courses are meant for. Great web developers and designers rise from low levels and touch the skies and that is what tells us that web designing courses in the 21st century have excellent career scopes.

HTML5 and Mobile Apps Development

Since decades, Hyper Text Markup Language or generally regarded as HTML has dependably been a standout amongst the most favored, demonstrated and premier advancement stage for web planning, web improvement and in addition for web provision improvement. Software and web development companies around the world always depend on HTML for development and designing of scalable websites and web applications.

Benefit of Using WordPress to Build Your Website

WordPress is a content management system and blogging tool whose work is based on PHP and MySQL. It is an open source platform and runs on a web hosting service.

Understand the Need of Web Application Modernization

Eventually the processors we are utilizing today will get outdated. They might likewise be reinstated or released from further utilization. As the time passes away, the engineering additionally develops at a remarkable pace. This will make the software and hardware that are seen in the market today useless within half a decade of their introduction.

PHP Web Developers – Why Internet Marketers Prefer To Work With Them?

Today, no businesses can survive without creating a website online to support the business activities. if you are a business owner and looking to develop a website for your business, you are several options to select from. There is the usual gamut of scripting and programming languages options that have been in use for quite some time.

Software Architecture and Design – Goals, Principles and Some Key Considerations

This article is an attempt to define and explain the goals, Principles, practices and some key considerations of Software architecture and Design. It also delves into the considerations that need to be adhered to while dividing the application into layers and designing components, modules and functions.

Why You Need Software Testing

This article looks at the reasons why software testing is needed; from the requirements phase to the integration of the finished product. It covers the question of testing from the side of the client and the developer, since both are implicated in testing throughout the software development life cycle.

Know How to Get Your iPhone App Approved at the App Store?

Creating an app for the iPhone is never easy. Developers always lurk in fear that their apps might not make the cut into the App Store. No matter how much of a brilliant idea you have unless it has been implemented well you are likely to face rejection. Thus you need to have sound knowledge of the iPhone SDK and implement the software kit fittingly during the development stage.

PHP Web Development – Know It Better!

In the mid 90’s when Rasmus Lerdorf laid the foundations of PHP by introducing Perl Scripts for his personal use, nobody would have guessed then that it would take the technology world by storm in the future. PHP as a scripting language came into evidence quite late – as in its initial rendition it was just used to do individual tasks that dealt with web forms and communicated with databases. PHP began to flow at its pace and came up with many versions during its early stages.

5 Ways Under Which Excel Training Programs Can Be Categorized

There are at least 5 ways in which we can go about categorizing Excel training programs. We will be shortly looking at those ways in which we can go about categorizing Excel training programs. Under each criterion through which the training programs can be categorized, we will be looking at some of the resultant categories. Without further ado, it emerges that some of the ways in which Excel training programs can be categorized include:

CMS Development – Why Go With Drupal?

If you are looking for the CMS development it’s a wise idea to choose Drupal for your dynamic content management needs. With Drupal you can rest assure of amazing cost benefits, functional possibilities and all-inclusivity at any given time of need.

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